Who: OTA!
Where: The Keller house (A large Victorian House)
When: Evening

Janie wasn't surprised when Phillip asked her to do something in addition to her list of things to do regarding the campground incident, including helping in the lab, getting set up for shooting lessons, and getting supplies. He wanted to throw a dinner party for something he'd done at work. He asked that she hire a catering service and send out invitations.

After getting more information from him, she discovered that his company had discovered a way to make cheaper transitior radios. They would sell for $29.95, and the company was certain that would increase sales.

She thought the party was nice, but knew that part of it was to alleviate some of the mystery of the place. Phillip's family had once been rich and well-known, but over the years they had begun to fade into obscurity. When Phillip's pretty wife died sixteen years ago, he closed off the mansion and was rarely seen until several months ago.

Hours that could have been spent learning how to kill things, or studying so she could understand more science were spent cleaning, closing drafts, and giving out invitations. She was sure to give Mr.Chow one, since she was rather fond of the grumpy old man, almost begging that he come to the party. There was the bridge club, because they were her best friends, and all of the high society people, since Phillip insisted on it. She also invited Gloria and the people she'd seen around Rev.Templeton's church. Lynn was instructed(against Phillip's wishes) to invite as many friends as possible.

She was told not to invite anyone from the Texaco, so of course, she did. It would be a lively party, and she hoped to get her friends alone for at least a few minutes to talk about things.
WHO: Nica and Rex
WHEN: The day after a fateful trip up the highway ...
WHERE: Beginning at the Texaco station

Nica actually had to work up the nerve to call Rex, the next day. Her head was still full of all the weirdness that had transpired in the past few days and it was always good to have someone to talk to about it all. There was Lynn, and there was Georgio, and there was even Vito if he was a little relaxed and not trying so hard to be a grownup, but now ... there was Rex.

Rex wasn't the kind of person Nica usually hung around with, and she was wondering how he was taking it ... all the weird that Pleasantdale was doling out just lately. He did seem interested enough to learn how to shoot, though, and she suspected that having friends who knew how to shoot would be a very, very good thing.

So she procrastinated, filed her nails, made coffee, had two cigarettes, listened to a Buck Rogers episode and finally sat down and dialed the phone.

"Hey," she said, when Rex was on the line, "it's Nica. Want to go shoot things?"
Who: Mere and Open
When: Friday, Lunch Time
Where: Pleasantdale High School, Lunch Room

It didn't take much to get Meredith Delany bored, and school did it easier than most things. All she really wanted to do was get away from the place and maybe work on some music with her dad, but instead she was stuck in school and hoped that the day would somehow speed up and end a lot faster than what it was doing now.

At least right now was lunch. She got her food from the cafeteria lady (god she hoped that she never got that big or greasy looking), heading out into the lunch room, skirt swishing across her hips. She was looking around for a place to sit, hopefully with friends. She was already dreadfully bored with the day, and something that would make it a heck of a lot worse was to be sitting alone.