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Who: Janie, OT, Eric, Max, Katie, Quen, Fred, Gloria, Johnny, Elene, Russian Bob, Rex, Lynn, Georgio, Libby

What: Meeting

When : Thursday afternoon

Where: Johnny and Libby's house

Janie had been thinking a lot about what was happening, and decided they all needed to get together and figure out who was doing what. The last meeting didn't have everyone, and only a few concrete things were planned.

Today she wanted specifics. She wanted to share her new ideas- and figure out once and for all who was in charge.

Johnny kept inviting people to his house, so she decided to have the meeting there. He had a big table and his place was a bit easier to get into than Fred's place (not that she minded staying there).

She had snacks on the table, and mostly ignored Johnny's questions about her services as a maid. Libby and Lynn were off in a corner talking about zombies and makeup, or whatever teenagers chatted about, and Elene sat at the table, quietly looking at the crucifix on the wall.

A handwritten paper was at each place at the table, and read:




1)What's everyone done lately?
2)Organize groups
3)Get Chester out!
4)Take over the CDC
5)Have a town meeting
6)Organize townsfolk into groups
7)create defense plan for town - ERIC'S IDEA!
8)organize sharing resources



We are all still alive, and I'd like it to stay that way. We lost some good people and I don't want to lose anyone else. Thanks for sticking together, everyone.

She then sat down with a drink, and waited.
Who: Chester, OT All
Where: Fred's Underground Shelter
When: Founder's Day + 6 Days

Chester was in a foul mood indeed. While it wasn't exactly true that Chester had a long-term plan for his life, there had been a point where he could have said life was going well. He had a good job doing something he liked, he had contacts in high society, and he could have anything he wanted. He was important, he was respected, and he was well-off.

But lately, it seemed to him that things were going sour. The town was locked down, but the National Guard didn't seem to be interested in doing anything to deal with the problem besides keeping everything - and everyone - inside. People were becoming infected with some sort of disease out of a horror movie that turned them into undead Communists. Townspeople were turning against each other. His wife was becoming harder to deal with. And he couldn't even go hang out with his corporate buddies or have some fun with the secretaries.

Now he was testing the generator in an underground shelter near the edge of town and trying to feel like he was still in control of things.
[People have been keeping busy - and don't forget, even while the GM is out at painting classes, we're still here and playing at the same date every week, and sometimes more if folk are available.]

Supply and Demand - People discuss what they truly need versus what they want as things begin to get worse. At Chow's shop.

Civil Charity - Janie's employer holds a charity ball to help support the Civil Defense Organization. Warning: Contains skits.

Too Many Secrets - People meet up at Vito's to share pie and drinks... and eventually to talk about dark secrets perhaps best left unsaid.
Who: Gloria, Mr. Mertz?, Anyone else who might show up.
When: A couple of days after Mr. Mertz has come into Gloria's care
Where: Extra room at Vito's Shop

Gloria had quickly fallen into a routine. She would wake, check on her patient then head off to the university. There she did all the normal things that were expected but also helped Janie clean the new lab site. After, she would return to care for Mr. Mertz before dinner and after then sleep. She stayed here in case she was needed, to watch vitals and any other reason she could make herself believe. Truth was, she didn't really want to be home in the apartment or at the lab. She felt like hiding and laying low for a few days. This was just as good of a place as any.

She had finished dinner early and sat in the chair near the bed where Mr. Mertz lay. He seemed to be sleeping for the moment. Settling in with Papi in her lap she picked up the book she had been reading, "The Modern Guide to Home Canning" produced by the National Pressure Cooker Company. After the recent theft of supplies she felt knowing how to pack food might be a good skill to become familiar with. She had also picked up several other books from the library on dry preserving and some other long term food storage techniques including the "Ball Home Canning and Freezing Methods" book which the librarian had assured her would include everything she would need to be a proficient canner.
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Who: Janie, OTA who know about the secret lab
Where: University shelter
When: A couple of days after the Mertz Incident

Janie had worried about where to set up a secret lab, and was glad that Chester's suggestion seemed to be such a good idea. She got onto campus with no problem, and most of the people there were used to seeing her, since she spent time at the lab and the library, and well, anywhere where she could possibly learn something without angering the professors. Getting to the shelter wasn't a problem either.

The hidden and mostly forgotten room was a mess, however, and there was no way they could do any work in those conditions. Janie told everyone that she worked as a maid, but to be honest, she rarely worked. The house would stay messy until Phillip complained too much, or important company was over. Sometimes she burned meals, and she'd even refuse to cook if she had something else to do.

Today, Janie realized she'd actually have to work hard, but she didn't mind. The lab needed to get into shape, and she was the first one there. After plugging a record player into the wall, and starting a jazz album at a very low volume, she moved the few supplies that were down there, and dusted high surfaces, then worked her way down.

The soft sounds of jazz filled the room as Janie swept the floor. She grabbed the broom, and spun (as if she was dancing), then stopped when she realized that someone was coming in.
Who: Elene, OTA
Where:Grand Union, then Seth Arms

When Elene approached Janie, and asked what she could do, she did not expect to be sent shopping. Secretly, she hoped that she'd have to sew uniforms, or go undercover as a spy.

Instead, she was left with a purse full of money, and a list of things to get. Grand Union was mostly for supplies of food and other necessities, and Seth Arms was where she was supposed to buy a list of guns and ammo.

Vito loaned her a truck, and she was supposed to drive it back to him (full of supplies) when she was done.

She frowned, and wondered how she'd manage it all herself.
Who: Lynn, OT any potential Candy Stripers
When: A couple of days after the hospital field trip
Where: ...The hospital.

A very excited Lynn stood outside of the hospital, holding a completed candy striper application in her hands. Her mother signed the application, and even said that Lynn was 15, which was the minimum age. (She wasn't 15,but swore not to tell anyone official. This was important work, after all)

She called her friends, and talked with them outside of school. Her friends that knew the truth about what was going on in town were all told about Operation Striper Spys (though the name was up for debate).

They would get as much info from the hospital as possible, all while acting as eager volunteers. If an emergency happened, the kids were to call an adult as soon as possible. Janie had written down a laundry list of rules (which Lynn had conveniently forgotten).

Lynn, who wore Nica's lipstick in an attempt to look older, waited outside of the hospital for anyone else who was going to show up.
LOG: Read the log at - http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-20130320-Does-This-Look-Infected.txt

Characters in Attendance: Alice (NPC), Chow, Georgio, Janie, Jimmy (NPC), Katie, Lynn, Monty, Nica, Rex, Vito

Players in Attendance: L (GM), Aus, Dien, Jim, Nathan, Nikki, Zander

NPCs Met: Nurse Judy, Annie (Candy Striper), Willie (elderly volunteer), Ms. Lewis (lady treated by Gloria at Founder's Day)

XP / DP / Citizenship awarded: None (yet!) . Will be part of future XP/DP totaling.

Summary: Katie's plan is put into action! Disguised as a group of teachers and their students, characters make their way to Pleasant Valley hospital to check up on those injured during the Founder's Day attack. A question and answer session with Nurse Judy follows. When they find out that a man expired of his wounds this morning and was brought to the morgue, Chow heads down to the basement do what must be done - accompanied by half the group. Meanwhile, the other half of the group is brought to see the lady Gloria tended during Founder's Day. She is undergoing treatment and her arm is bandaged, but she looks quite healthy. Unfortunately, according to Nurse Judy, a man in the ICU is not so lucky. He might expire at any moment.

Down in the morgue, things are not so good. The group discovers the dead man has gotten back up again. He can't quite figure out how to open the door-- but when the group opens the door, he charges! Thanks to shots from Chow and Vito, he won't be getting back up again. Another body is found and dispatched similarly. The group hastily makes their way out, thankful that the loud laundry in the basement's other hallway has covered the sounds of the shots.

The group reunites and shares information. But what will be their next step?

New Plot Points:
The infected are being treated with wound cleaning, and doses of the antibiotic Chloramphenicol. It seems to work in at least some of the cases, but in others... not so much.

Several of the teens picked up applications to work as candy stripers. Having an inside person at the hospital could be a good thing...

Georgio, Katie, and Janie saw a suspicious orderly checking charts that seeed to have some color coding. Who is he, and what was he looking for?

The group found out from Nurse Judy that many people were treated and released on the day of the attack, and some refused treatement and weren't brought in to the hosptial. What became of them?

The shot bodies are being reported on the news as having 'exploded from decoposition'. Who covered up the gunshot wounds, and why?

Next Live Session:
"Shelter Skelter" will take place on Wednesday March 27th, at 7pm.

IMPORTANT - Live sessions during the month of April will have to take place on a night other than Wednesday as your GM is taking a four week painting class on Wednesday nights in April. So please let me know as soon as you can what alternate nights you would be available in the month of April.
[Pleasantdale Radio News Intro]

Randy: Good morning, Pleasantdale! This is Randall “Randy” Johnson.

Annie: And I’m Annabelle “Annie” Mitchell. We hope you’re having a Pleasant day!

Randy: The top story on everyone's lips – Communists have invaded and brainwashed our townspeople!

Annie: It's not just an episode of Captain Mystery being filmed- it's the real deal!

Randy: That's right, Annie. An unidentified Russian in military uniform carrying an assault rifle was seen to be giving orders to several Communist sympathizers who proceeded to engage the celebrants in savage combat, causing serious injuries. The attack, which began at the neighboring Burger Chef, caused eight townspeople to be hospitalized following the attacks, and three to be killed. Although brave action from several concerned citizens broke up the Communist attack, their leader and several followers retreated into the woods through Buford's Trail.
More radio news under this cut... )
LOG: Read the log at http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-201303113-BobDamnit.txt

Players in Attendance: L (GM), Aus, Dien, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance: Chester (NPC), Chow, Elene, Eric, Fred, Katie, Lynn, Janie, Maxine, Monty, Nica, Rex, Vito

NPCs Met: Yulian Popovich , aka 'Russian Bob' (see sheet here)

XP / DP / Citizenship awarded: 1 DP to all characters present for reaching an important plot point. Please mark your sheet accordingly.

Summary: Two days after the Founder's Day disaster, characters are at Fred's shooting range for weapons practice. A stranger comes out of the woods, claiming to be a stranded New Yorker named Bob. Bob's story quickly fell apart when Vito confronted him and asked him for actual New York facts. Bob confessed to be a Russian who had been stationed in town with his group, spying on an American base located in the warehouse district. This is the first that anyone ever heard of there being a base in town. Russian Bob claims that Pleasantdale is an American government test town, and that is why his group was stationed here. Furthermore, he told a disturbing tale of the communist base being invaded by American soldiers who were dead-not-dead. Many in his group died, and some came back... not right. 'Bob' thought it was best to get the heck out of there, and had been surviving in the woods since.

Chester wanted to turn the commie over to authorities, but the group managed to convince him to keep Bob with them instead. Mr. Chow, who has experience with commie fighting after all, volunteered to take Bob to his house.

Katie hatched a plan to go to the hospital to find out about those injured on Founder's Day, under the guise of adults chaperoning high school kids to do a report on the tragedy. This angered Chester, primarily because it wasn't his idea, and just when did women start thinking anyhow?

New Plot Points:
How much truth is in what Russian Bob claims?

Did the zombie crisis really start with the American soldiers?

Is Pleasantdale a 'test town', and if so, what sort of experiment is the government running?

Next Live Session: "Does this Look Infected?" - Wednesday March 20th at 7pm EST
Where: Pleasantdale Players
When: Three days after the Founder's Day incident
Who: Katie, OT Quentin, Joseph

Katherine was reasonably hopeful that she'd be able to catch 'Captain Mystery' at the theater in his off hours. While most blushing schoolgirls had need of 'Captain Mystery' for reasons of the flesh, her interest in finding him, or that nice man Joseph she'd met at Founder's Day, was much less carnal and much more pragmatic. She needed someone who could identify a clever ruse or act from a display of honesty, and if anyone would know about putting on masks and hiding your true intentions, it would have to be an actor.

She and Chester were still angry at each other, and as such she came alone; considering what he'd said and done after she brought up the idea of investigating the hospital, she wasn't interested in being on the receiving end of his anger if she presented another idea in front of him that upstaged his need to feel clever. Besides, it was nice to dress up and feel pretty and not think about how bad things were right now.

Now, where to find them...
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Who: Janie OT Gloria
Where: Lab

Hearing about the loss at the lab really upset Janie, and for a short while, she wasn't sure what to do about all of the lost work. She felt a little pride in actually having done something, especially because it might be able to help people. She realized that was the kind of thing she wanted to do with her life.

Once she was over the blow, however, Janie realized that she had notes. She took lots, and lots of notes, and even tried sketching pictures when she could. She researched at home instead of dusting or putting roasts in the oven, and took notes on that. Phillip had plenty to say about her blowing off more work than usual, but Janie brushed it off.

She realized she had to copy her notes, and give them to Gloria. It might or might not help, but she had to try. The lab notes were copied carefully in black ink, while her own research was copied in red. She was working on a lab report, but it was only half finished, and she felt the notes were more important.

She drove to the college, and walked to the lab, carefully knocking, and hoping that Gloria was there, and would accept the two notebooks.
Who: Katie, calling students and prospective chaperones for a field trip (including Nica and Vito, Janie and Lynn, Georgio, Rex, Maxine, Chow, Meredith, Gloria, and anyone else who comes up)
When: Two days after Founder's Day
Where: Katie's Home, eventually Chow's store and Pleasantdale Valley Hospital

Katherine was in a foul mood, truth be told, as she carefully applied her makeup in the mirror. It had been one of their worse arguments to date, possibly the worst ever, and with all that was going on at the moment, just giving in and letting Chester have his way - with his opinions and with her - hadn't been on the table this time around. For once, neither of them had gotten a pleasant night's sleep.

Chester had stormed out to go busy himself with 'important civil defense matters' - which Katie presumed translated to 'wandering around with a pistol in his pocket feeling like a big strong man and berating others about their lack of preparedness' - while she was left to 'clean up the mess she caused'. Appearances were important, after all. He'd brought one of his display suitcases with him - perhaps he also planned on making a few sales while he was out.

She already had a plan of attack in mind for the day - mind you, one she'd mostly conceived on the spur of the moment as an impulse, but she'd had time to think about things while walking Elena home, and the wheels were turning in her head even as she masked her unhappiness under concealer and lipstick. There were people injured during the attack at Founder's Hall, and with all the evidence her friends had gathered and what they more or less assumed from what they'd seen, whatever had diseased those townspeople who were doing the biting was likely to spread to the bitten. If they were still being treated, then perhaps her more scientifically inclined friends could learn more, and at least everyone in their little shelter group would be 'in the know' as to what was transpiring.

The group had sounded eager enough to go along with her idea regarding how to get a decent-sized group of people into a usually well-contained area -- organize students to work on a report for their classes about the harm caused by the attack at Founder's Hall. Her bridge club could be in charge of submitting the report, or at least aspects of it, to the local newspapers; those they trusted could be brought along as 'chaperones' to excuse the presence of people who don't normally belong in a hospital. All that was left was to round up students and their 'chaperones' and to organize a little field trip. If only Chester had thought of the whole idea as anything more than a pretty little mouth wasted on talk.

She studied her composure in the mirror, and smiled. Nothing to be seen here, move along. Just an American housewife keeping people out of trouble. She practiced until the sides of her lips matched up evenly, until they looked genuine. Then she put away the makeup, gave the mirror another practiced smile, and headed for the phone to start making calls. First, round up students and chaperones. Second, visit the hospital and start digging for information.
LOG: Read the log at http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-FoundersDayFighting.txt

Players in Attendance: Aus (GM), Carla, Dien, Jim, Jess, L, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance: Chow, Elene, Eric, Fred, Georgio, Joseph, Katie, Lynn, Maxine, Meridith, Monty, Nica, Monty, Quen, Rex, Vito

NPCs met: Mayor Tuttleford; a communist zombie; many citizens in danger

XP / DP / Citizenship awarded: XP- 1 point for minimal participation (character showed up); 2 points for full participation (character participated fully in session); 3 points extra participation (character participated in an extra meaningful way). Banked XP awarded: 1 point to - Rex (sports), Mere (driving), Chow (doctor), Gloria (doctor) for using those skills in spiffy ways during session. 1 point XP was awarded to anyone who wrote a character journal detailing their reaction to founder's day. DP awarded to those who had a Dramatic Moment (1 point). One point of Citizenship given to each character who was seen defending the town (this is in addition to the 1 point all characters who attended Founder's Day received).

Summary: Founder's Day part two came to a conclusion when the pc's defeated the zomunist invaders. Some of those undead looked familiar - gas station attendants and local farmers. They were unarmed - but what about their shotgun wielding commander? He was wearing a Soviet uniform and shouting orders in Russian-- and he got away.

New Plot Points:
Who was that commanding zombie shooting and shouting orders in Russian? Where did he go?

Injured survivors of the attack were taken to the hospital and treated. Are any of them infected?

The town is now under a state of emergency. Those attempting to leave the town via the north or south highways will be turned away by National Guardsmen.

The mayor is urging everyone to prepare their private shelters and follow their civil defense coordinators in organizing their town shelters and defense plan.

Next Live Session: Wednesday March 6th at 7pm EST.
Who: Janie, OT Bridge Club
Where: Katie's
When: Sometime after Founder's Day

One thing that confused Janie, was how normal life seemed to be. She thought everyone would be running around, preparing for the worst, and instead she was expected to do chores. That was a little abnormal since she only did chores when she wanted to, but it still seemed off to her.

Lynn was asking to go over Nica's, and Phillip was planning to go to a meeting outside of the city if traffic wasn't too bad. So Janie headed over to Katie's for Bridge Club. Well, more for the lemonade, but the company would be nice too.

She knocked on Katie's door, hoping that at least her friends would be sane, and making plans for whatever was next.
Who: PCs Surviving the Founder's Field Massacre
When: The night the fight came to an end
Where: Joseph's Home

After getting home and making sure that the gun shop owner was paid in full for the gun (and orders for more ammo for the one he had just bought and the guns he already owned), Joseph set about to his next task, finding his younger brother and making sure that he was alright.

It didn't take long. It turned out that Wesley had high-tailed it from the Founder's Day celebration and hidden in a friend's home. Joseph told him to simply stay put and he'd send the driver to come by and get him in the morning. There was no point in his brother leaving a place that was already safe, right?

So, the next thing to do was get drunk, at least in Joseph's opinion. It was also another reason he had told his brother to stay put. Still, he didn't want to be alone tonight, so he had put out a few calls to the people that he knew and even fought together with today, inviting them to come over if they so happened to want to do so. Sitting in his study, he stared at his glass of scotch, not quite ready to down it yet for whatever reason.
Who: PCs surviving the Founder's Field Massacre
When: After the Founder's Day celebration came to an abrupt end
Where: Founder's Hall

"... where -is- the mayor?" Chester inquired, looking around with a slight air of concern. Between what had just happened and what Mr. Marchese had just told him and the realization that their town's state of civil defense readiness was definitely not equipped to handle this, Chester felt that something had to be done, and although it pained him to admit it, perhaps Katie had been right about wanting to start preparations. Now there were neighbors with trunks full of shotguns and Communists charging out of the woodwork and stories of government cleanups and Soviet shootings, and apparently more than one person was willing to vouch for what had originally sounded like a crazy excuse to take a holiday.

Well, sir, Chester Wilson wasn't about to stand for it. He spotted the Mayor through one of Founder Hall's windows, and strode for the building. If the neighborhood was going to hell and the Communists were on the doorstep, by God, he was going to do something.

He just wasn't entirely sure what, really.

For now, though, that something was 'speak to the Mayor.'

"Mayor Tuttleford! Mayor Tuttleford -- we've cleared out those damn Commie freaks," he called as he headed in. "What are we going to do to protect the town?"
Who: PCs surviving the Founder's Field Massacre
When: After the Founder's Day celebration came to an abrupt end
Where: Founder's Field

"Chester, have you finished your bomb shelter?" Janie asked, catching Fred's attention as Chester - the fellow who was married to that nice church girl who always brought in good baked goods for the bake sale - replied, a bit unsteadily, "Well, the town one near us is-- no. It's still unsupplied. Erm."

"You should try to get supplies," she began. "I've got some stocked, but... Philip thought I was making up tales."

Fred cleared his throat. After what he'd just seen, he figured he might as well bring it up. "... I've got a place, if you folk need a place to hide. Ain't much to look at right now, but this ain't much a time to put carpet on the walls. It's got some food, some water, and enough ammunition to last till Judgment Day and then some. 'Course, anything you want to bring to help, or anything you might want to advise on the subject, would be good. I've just been stockin' based on what I read in the pamphlets."
WHO: Vito OT Janey and all
WHEN: Prior to the mayhem
WHERE: Seth Arms

Vito pulled up outside the gun shop and crushed out his cigarette in the ashtray.

"Okay," he said, "here's the deal; 12-gauge is very common, ammunition is cheap. We need to get several ... let's say ten guns ... and as much ammunition as we can fit in the trunk. We can come back for more tomorrow, if we don't clean him out, and I suspect we won't ... this place looks like it's probably really well stocked."
LOG: Read the log at http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-20130206.txt

Players in Attendance: L (GM) , Aus, Carla, Gen, Jess, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance:Alex, Elene, Fred, Georgio, Gloria, Janie, Joseph, Katie, Maxine, Monty, Nica, Rex, Quen, Vito

NPCs Met: Gordon Seth, proprietor of Seth Arms and his son, Bobby. Misty, the sunshine dairy milkmaid. 'Abe Lincoln, the mascot of Grand Union.

XP/DP/Citizenship Awarded: Everyone who attended receives one citizenship point. Anyone who entered the marksmanship contest receives 1 XP banked toward Gun-Fu. Anyone who entered the pie eating contest receives 1 XP banked toward constitution. Please mark your character sheets accordingly. Also remember if your character attended Janie's society post, you earned a citizenship point from that. These points will come in handy next live session, so please remember to mark them on your sheet.

Summary: Founder's Day is a fun time for all the townsfolk. Characters explored the various booths - some picking up pamphlets from the People of Decency table warning against the dangers of comic books, drugs, and that rock and roll music.

A marksmanship contest took place with winners receiving trophies and coupons for discount weaponry from Seth Arms. During the contest, Vito showed the soviet bullet to Gordon Seth and asked if he sold them in his shop. Seth said that he and the other shop in town only sold American makes, but suggested it might have been brought back from the war and shot off by some hobbyist.

The pie eating contest was a lot of fun, though it resulted in some achy tummies. Mayor Tuttleford took the stage, about to make his annual Founder's Day speech. Everyone is ready to listen.

New Plot Points:
The soviet bullet found in the shot up gas station was not purchased in town. Where did it come from?

There is a second gun shop in town, in the Redview Mall.

The People of Decency are against comics, rock and roll, and other unwholesome activities.

Next Live Session:
Next live session will be held Wednesday, Feb 13 at 7pm EST. This will be a continuation of Founder's Day. Please attend if at all possible- we will need all the help we can get as something BIG is about to happen! If you haven't finished up your sheet yet and need some assistance, please drop in sometime before Wed and we'll give you a hand. Likewise, if you need to go over the basics of how to do combat and use the bot, drop in if you have time and we'll get you squared away.

There are a few special maneuvers characters can try, and we've put them up on the website here: http://labarc.com/CharLoft/wiki/doku.php?id=worlds:pleasantdale:maneuvers . These involve recruiting NPCs to help you, and will be very useful during the next live session.


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