WHO: Nica and Rex
WHEN: The day after a fateful trip up the highway ...
WHERE: Beginning at the Texaco station

Nica actually had to work up the nerve to call Rex, the next day. Her head was still full of all the weirdness that had transpired in the past few days and it was always good to have someone to talk to about it all. There was Lynn, and there was Georgio, and there was even Vito if he was a little relaxed and not trying so hard to be a grownup, but now ... there was Rex.

Rex wasn't the kind of person Nica usually hung around with, and she was wondering how he was taking it ... all the weird that Pleasantdale was doling out just lately. He did seem interested enough to learn how to shoot, though, and she suspected that having friends who knew how to shoot would be a very, very good thing.

So she procrastinated, filed her nails, made coffee, had two cigarettes, listened to a Buck Rogers episode and finally sat down and dialed the phone.

"Hey," she said, when Rex was on the line, "it's Nica. Want to go shoot things?"


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