Gloria had been busy for days with the body and her research. She had felt cooped up which was rare for her since she loved being in the lab. It had been the snow that had fallen during the day, if she had to pick a reason for wanting out so much. The campus looked so pretty with the snow freshly fallen but the clean sidewalks. She was out in a grey coat, red dress and matching red beret and scarf. She carried a black bag with the research she had been looking over for the day.

It was glorious out as far as she was concerned with a light snow still falling. She was singing quietly to herself as she walked out from the main lab and science building to head across campus.
Who: Quen, open to all
Where: Chow's
What: Quen's looking for props.

Quen has found some interesting things at Chow's over the years. There's always some odd-or-end that makes a good prop for one of their shows. Nothing like an exotic import to set the mood for a set that's supposed to be a far off land. Today though, he's got a bit of an extra challenge. Due to the local hubbub about 'mysterious lights' being spotted, Captain Mystery's Strange Theater is doing an episode on alien life and flying saucers.

Albee'd gone off to the junkyard to pick up some scraps that could be made into a convincing flying saucer. And he'd left Quen in charge of picking up some 'alien' accessories to recreate what the interior of that ship might look like. So it was that Quen found himself here at Chow's, picking through all the exotic odds and ends, squinting at this-and-that as he tried to picture it as part of a set.

"Hmn... would aliens have dragons? Maybe with some doctoring, it could be a space wyrm..."


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