Who: Quen, open to all
Where: Chow's
What: Quen's looking for props.

Quen has found some interesting things at Chow's over the years. There's always some odd-or-end that makes a good prop for one of their shows. Nothing like an exotic import to set the mood for a set that's supposed to be a far off land. Today though, he's got a bit of an extra challenge. Due to the local hubbub about 'mysterious lights' being spotted, Captain Mystery's Strange Theater is doing an episode on alien life and flying saucers.

Albee'd gone off to the junkyard to pick up some scraps that could be made into a convincing flying saucer. And he'd left Quen in charge of picking up some 'alien' accessories to recreate what the interior of that ship might look like. So it was that Quen found himself here at Chow's, picking through all the exotic odds and ends, squinting at this-and-that as he tried to picture it as part of a set.

"Hmn... would aliens have dragons? Maybe with some doctoring, it could be a space wyrm..."
Players in attendance: L (gm), Aus, Carla, Dien, Jess, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in attendance: Chow, Eric, Gloria, Janie, Joseph, Nica, Maxine, Monty, Rex, Vito

XP/ DP awarded: 1 XP to all characters in attendance for surviving their fight with the hunter. 1 DP to Gloria, Chow, and Vito for working with camp scenery. Please mark it on your sheet accordingly.

NPCs met: Stu Henderson, a (rabid?) hunter

Summary: The possum taken from Fred's was examined at the university lab. Gloria determined that there is not enough left of the corpse to provide a good sample, and a new creature must be trapped. The group headed to the Pleasant Pines campground, near where the original possum was captured. They set up a trap by a dumpster, but then encountered what seemed to be a rabid human- a hunter. He lunged at the group and was subdued and examined. During the examination, he was found to have no heartbeat. Yet-- he sprung back up again. When he was shot in the head, he ceased moving. The group was understandably shaken and wondering what it was they just saw. They debated calling the police, vs how they would explain the mangled corpse of the hunter. In the end, the hunter's corpse was brought to the university lab for further study.

New Plot Points: The hunter's name (found on his license) is Stu Henderson. What happened to him? How did he wind up in the woods in such a state? What secrets can be learned from examining his corpse in the university lab?

The incubation rate of rabies varies. The taxidermist, Fred, should be spit tested to see if he has contracted the disease from his contact with the infected possum.

NEXT LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, January 23rd 7pm EST - hope to see you there!

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GM: Would someone care to give a recap of The Story So Far?

(Jim) {Recap: There has been at least open notable case of rabies in the area recently and residents were advised to get their pets vaccinated. At the vet's office, several men were overheard discussing a possum who had not only been aggressive, but had seemingly come back from the dead to attack the local taxidermist. Several local residents left to speak with the taxidermist in hopes of learning more or taking faster action than the Garden State's health department.}

GM: And so, we open this week's live session at the university science lab where that dead possum will be examined.

(Carla) Should I describe the lab?

GM: That would be wonderful! Please do.

(Carla) The lab Gloria works in at the University specializes in advancements in medical diagnosis and improvements of hospital conditions, particularly for post op and long term patients. She works with several varieties of animals including mice,rats, rabbits and even a couple monkeys. One of her duties is to care for these animals. The lab is set up with several metal dissection tables, medical and chemistry equipment, including commonly used hospital equipment. Those that are going to the lab will find Gloria there feeding the animals for the afternoon as well as checking on an experiment involving localized infections around deep suturing.

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