Who: PCs Surviving the Founder's Field Massacre
When: The night the fight came to an end
Where: Joseph's Home

After getting home and making sure that the gun shop owner was paid in full for the gun (and orders for more ammo for the one he had just bought and the guns he already owned), Joseph set about to his next task, finding his younger brother and making sure that he was alright.

It didn't take long. It turned out that Wesley had high-tailed it from the Founder's Day celebration and hidden in a friend's home. Joseph told him to simply stay put and he'd send the driver to come by and get him in the morning. There was no point in his brother leaving a place that was already safe, right?

So, the next thing to do was get drunk, at least in Joseph's opinion. It was also another reason he had told his brother to stay put. Still, he didn't want to be alone tonight, so he had put out a few calls to the people that he knew and even fought together with today, inviting them to come over if they so happened to want to do so. Sitting in his study, he stared at his glass of scotch, not quite ready to down it yet for whatever reason.
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"Some day, wasn't it?"

Quen knew he was stating the painfully obvious, but what else could one say about the day they'd just had? He took a sip of his own drink, glad of the burn of it in his throat which made him feel somehow more grounded. Today had been surreal - like a Captain Mystery episode come to life.

He'd checked in on his grandmother after the Founder's Day incident, and made sure she had Joseph's number if anything went wrong at home. He felt a little guilty leaving her on her own, but he needed to be around friends right now and they needed to discuss what they were going to do now.
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"Ideally, the town will put some sort of defense in place now that they know what's going on," Quen said, though his voice contained a bit of the uncertainty he felt on that score.

He rotated his glass slightly to watch the amber liquid inside swirl. "Ideally. But we can't count on that. What Fred was saying about a communal shelter. What Vito was saying about getting folks together and making sure they are armed. That's what needs to happen next. And we've got to make sure that does happen, before those -- whatever they weres-- make their next move."

He wasn't entirely sure what that next move was likely to be. Maybe they'd stopped the whole invasion at Founder's Day and things would go back to normal... but that seemed a long shot.

He looked up from his drink to Joseph, studying his fellow actor's face. "What do you think?"
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"I'm afraid Captain Mystery's fortress is just a television studio set," Quen admitted, a little sheepishly. "I live in a modest two-story that's outfitted more for my grandmother's comfort than any defense."

He had another small sip of scotch while he organized his thoughts. "I do have an extensive library though. These creatures seem like something that could've come out of one of the stories. Maybe there's a legend or bit of lore that contains a grain of actual truth- I find that's often the case, you know."

And another sheepish confession. "Though I seemed to do alright with the hammer, I'm much more used to stage props than any actual means of defense. I suppose I shall need to buy a gun and learn to shoot it."

A bit of the ol' captain mystery grin came back though when he added. "I'm keeping the hammer though. Seriously. It's great for knocking them off their feet."
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"I'd like that a lot," Quen said, in regards to the gun training. He felt comfortable with Joseph, and he suspected that his friend would be a good teacher.

In regards to the hammer, Quen laughed and made a modest little gesture. "Oh, well you know-- I guess I got a bit carried away with it. Felt like I was doing a show, in a way. Maybe that helps though."

He pondered that, having another sip of his drink as he thought. "We have to do what we can for the town. Lord knows that the mayor isn't going to get out there on the front lines of town defense."


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