You may be wondering how this portion of the game is going to work. You may not be wondering, but I'm going to tell you anyhow! This community is open to all players in the game. You can post a scene for your character open to another character, or open to anyone who cares to reply. You can reply to someone else's post and play in comments. If you have limited time for live sessions, or don't want to participate in live sessions, it's perfectly okay for you to just use the community as your main form of interaction with the game. If you prefer to participate in the live sessions only, you don't have to particpate in this community. We're mellow.

There is really only one rule-- be excellent to each other. And if you can't be excellent, then at least don't be a dick. This means respect your fellow players, don't use their characters without permission, don't destroy the entire town, don't make your character a Special Snowflake with no flaws, etc.

How to Join this Game: -- click Join while logged in to your character journal. You're in! Also be sure you are a member of our OOC facebook group at . To read up on the game and create your character sheet, see the wiki: .

There is no application. You want to join, join and welcome to the game.

You should have at least a basic grasp of the english language, enough to post and interact with others. Characters must be mortal humans, suitable for the 1950s in a small town.

Your Character's Journal
Create a journal for your character and join the community with it. Your journal name can be some variation of the character's name, or something you feel describes the character, or whatever. Just make sure to note somewhere on the journal - in the title, or on the profile- who the character is so we know who we are interacting with and also so we can add you to the cast list.

You may choose a celebrity, model, or stock photo you feel represents what your character looks like and make some icons for that character to help us get a picture of who we are interacting with. You could also draw your character, or just choose some icons that you feel would represent your character's interests. It's up to you!

Post structure
In general, posts to the community should be third person past tense. This seems to be the easiest form of post to reply to and play off of. If you want to do a journal type entry in first person, place that in your character's own journal. These will be viewable from the community's friends page.

Post Content
Posts should be at most pg-13 or maybe a light R . Any very graphic violence and / or explicit sexual content should be posted on your character's journal instead of in the communty. You can then link to it in a post, with a warning, so that players can make the choice of whether or not to read.

Post header
You may find it helpful to begin your post with a header that tells players what to expect from the post. An example...
Who: Maxine, open to anyone
What: Maxine (hopefully) gets her car fixed
Where: Marchese's Texaco

This is completely optional and up to you what style of header you use if any. Just a few words about who is doing what can help avoid any confusion.

Post Body
There are no length restrictions. You can post as much or as little you need to get your point across.

Characters have a tag structure of character - name . So Eric's tag would be character - eric . Locations are location - name, so the school would have location - school as its tag. You can tag any post your character is in with their character - name tag. If you need a location or character tag created, let me know!

Playing in Comments
Characters reply to each other and play the scene out via comments to a post. They keep playing until the scene has reached a logical conclussion.

Posting Order
There is no 'posting order' requirement in this game - just reply as makes sense, when your character would logically reply.

Comment Length
Comments can be as long or short as is logical for the situation. Please try to give the other player(s) something to respond to. A one word comment of "Okay" can be difficult to pay off of.


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