Join us for a Special Holiday Double Feature!

Santa Claus and Santa Claus vs the Martians will be shown all week at the Silver Skies Drive-In on Grant Boulevard in Pleasantdale. Pack up the kids in the car, or take your favorite date for some ho-ho-holiday movie fun!

Appearing nightly at the concession stand is the host of Captain Mystery's Strange Theater -- Captain Mystery! Captain Mystery and his friendly elves will be handing out Christmas prize packs to every boy and girl, young or young at heart, who visits. And be sure to tune in to the Captain Mystery Holiday Special this Saturday on your very own Pleasantdale station, PDTV!

Click to watch the movies and serials! )

OOC note: Here's an event to get us started! Reply to Captain Mystery's thread here , or start your own drive-in post and watch the movie with a few friends. Or mention seeing the double feature poster at some location elsewhere, or hearing it broadcast. Up to you! Characters who are sheeted who visit the drive-in(in a post of their own, or as a comment to an existing post) , or who mention the drive-in ad in their post, will receive 1 Drama Point!


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