WHO: Vito and Janie
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WHERE: Texaco station

Vito kept up his smile for the customers, but they were far and few between today which gave him ample time to brood in the office.

He didn't like brooding in his office, but it seemed that the entire staff of Ray's Sunoco, a little further up the highway, had been massacred by Soviets, the FBI was watching traffic out of Pleasantdale, and Janie had almost ... what ... walked to New York the other night?

It was a lot to handle, and he still wasn't sure what it all meant. He knew it meant that he needed more guns, and more hands to hold onto more guns. That Rex character who was going after Nica ... he seemed eager enough to learn. Vito would have though twice about bringing the kid into the Family business, but this ... ? This was something altogether different.

The bell dinged as a car pulled up out front, and Vito looked up to see the Studebaker he'd sold to Janie, rolling to a stop just outside the door.
WHO: Nica and Rex
WHEN: The day after a fateful trip up the highway ...
WHERE: Beginning at the Texaco station

Nica actually had to work up the nerve to call Rex, the next day. Her head was still full of all the weirdness that had transpired in the past few days and it was always good to have someone to talk to about it all. There was Lynn, and there was Georgio, and there was even Vito if he was a little relaxed and not trying so hard to be a grownup, but now ... there was Rex.

Rex wasn't the kind of person Nica usually hung around with, and she was wondering how he was taking it ... all the weird that Pleasantdale was doling out just lately. He did seem interested enough to learn how to shoot, though, and she suspected that having friends who knew how to shoot would be a very, very good thing.

So she procrastinated, filed her nails, made coffee, had two cigarettes, listened to a Buck Rogers episode and finally sat down and dialed the phone.

"Hey," she said, when Rex was on the line, "it's Nica. Want to go shoot things?"
WHO: Nica and whoever shows up
WHEN: Early January, afternoon
WHERE: Marchese's Body and Motor

Nica hadn't hit the best grades last semester, so Vito had insisted that she spend a little more time "being responsible." Said responsibilities revolved around three hours, every afternoon, at the cash register of the service station, dividing her time between alleged studying and ringing up whoever stopped in to buy a treat or a map. Vito was out at the pumps, in his coverall, to gas up any cars that happened to pull in; also, to keep an eye on Nica and ensure that she at least looked like she was studying.

She did have a book propped open, American History II, with a big flag and and eagle on the cover; inside the book was propped a Wonder Woman comic, though, and her bottle of Coke was currently getting more attention than her homework.
Who: Maxine, open to all
Where: Marchese's Texaco
What: Maxine gets her car fixed

Maxine considered herself quite self-reliant, but there were times she had to admit that a professional was needed. She could change her own oil, but when the car started making knocks and pings it was time to bring it in for service.

The car hadn't been new when her and Joe bought it, but it was gently used. And they'd tried to keep it in good condition. After Joe died, Maxine had kept the ol' girl going on her own. She'd considered upgrading a time or two, but she couldn't bear to let go the car where her and Joe had gone for drives together and made plans for a future that would never come to pass.

She pulled into the lot of Marchese's Texaco ,the knocks and pings continuing a moment even after she turned off the key. "That can't be good," she said to herself as she got out of the car. She patted the car affectionately. "Don't worry, they'll get you fixed up ol' girl. They always do."

Maxine headed in to the service area, hoping that they weren't too busy to fix things today.