LOG: Read the log at - http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-20130320-Does-This-Look-Infected.txt

Characters in Attendance: Alice (NPC), Chow, Georgio, Janie, Jimmy (NPC), Katie, Lynn, Monty, Nica, Rex, Vito

Players in Attendance: L (GM), Aus, Dien, Jim, Nathan, Nikki, Zander

NPCs Met: Nurse Judy, Annie (Candy Striper), Willie (elderly volunteer), Ms. Lewis (lady treated by Gloria at Founder's Day)

XP / DP / Citizenship awarded: None (yet!) . Will be part of future XP/DP totaling.

Summary: Katie's plan is put into action! Disguised as a group of teachers and their students, characters make their way to Pleasant Valley hospital to check up on those injured during the Founder's Day attack. A question and answer session with Nurse Judy follows. When they find out that a man expired of his wounds this morning and was brought to the morgue, Chow heads down to the basement do what must be done - accompanied by half the group. Meanwhile, the other half of the group is brought to see the lady Gloria tended during Founder's Day. She is undergoing treatment and her arm is bandaged, but she looks quite healthy. Unfortunately, according to Nurse Judy, a man in the ICU is not so lucky. He might expire at any moment.

Down in the morgue, things are not so good. The group discovers the dead man has gotten back up again. He can't quite figure out how to open the door-- but when the group opens the door, he charges! Thanks to shots from Chow and Vito, he won't be getting back up again. Another body is found and dispatched similarly. The group hastily makes their way out, thankful that the loud laundry in the basement's other hallway has covered the sounds of the shots.

The group reunites and shares information. But what will be their next step?

New Plot Points:
The infected are being treated with wound cleaning, and doses of the antibiotic Chloramphenicol. It seems to work in at least some of the cases, but in others... not so much.

Several of the teens picked up applications to work as candy stripers. Having an inside person at the hospital could be a good thing...

Georgio, Katie, and Janie saw a suspicious orderly checking charts that seeed to have some color coding. Who is he, and what was he looking for?

The group found out from Nurse Judy that many people were treated and released on the day of the attack, and some refused treatement and weren't brought in to the hosptial. What became of them?

The shot bodies are being reported on the news as having 'exploded from decoposition'. Who covered up the gunshot wounds, and why?

Next Live Session:
"Shelter Skelter" will take place on Wednesday March 27th, at 7pm.

IMPORTANT - Live sessions during the month of April will have to take place on a night other than Wednesday as your GM is taking a four week painting class on Wednesday nights in April. So please let me know as soon as you can what alternate nights you would be available in the month of April.
LOG: Read the log at http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-201303113-BobDamnit.txt

Players in Attendance: L (GM), Aus, Dien, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance: Chester (NPC), Chow, Elene, Eric, Fred, Katie, Lynn, Janie, Maxine, Monty, Nica, Rex, Vito

NPCs Met: Yulian Popovich , aka 'Russian Bob' (see sheet here)

XP / DP / Citizenship awarded: 1 DP to all characters present for reaching an important plot point. Please mark your sheet accordingly.

Summary: Two days after the Founder's Day disaster, characters are at Fred's shooting range for weapons practice. A stranger comes out of the woods, claiming to be a stranded New Yorker named Bob. Bob's story quickly fell apart when Vito confronted him and asked him for actual New York facts. Bob confessed to be a Russian who had been stationed in town with his group, spying on an American base located in the warehouse district. This is the first that anyone ever heard of there being a base in town. Russian Bob claims that Pleasantdale is an American government test town, and that is why his group was stationed here. Furthermore, he told a disturbing tale of the communist base being invaded by American soldiers who were dead-not-dead. Many in his group died, and some came back... not right. 'Bob' thought it was best to get the heck out of there, and had been surviving in the woods since.

Chester wanted to turn the commie over to authorities, but the group managed to convince him to keep Bob with them instead. Mr. Chow, who has experience with commie fighting after all, volunteered to take Bob to his house.

Katie hatched a plan to go to the hospital to find out about those injured on Founder's Day, under the guise of adults chaperoning high school kids to do a report on the tragedy. This angered Chester, primarily because it wasn't his idea, and just when did women start thinking anyhow?

New Plot Points:
How much truth is in what Russian Bob claims?

Did the zombie crisis really start with the American soldiers?

Is Pleasantdale a 'test town', and if so, what sort of experiment is the government running?

Next Live Session: "Does this Look Infected?" - Wednesday March 20th at 7pm EST
LOG: Read the log at http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-FoundersDayFighting.txt

Players in Attendance: Aus (GM), Carla, Dien, Jim, Jess, L, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance: Chow, Elene, Eric, Fred, Georgio, Joseph, Katie, Lynn, Maxine, Meridith, Monty, Nica, Monty, Quen, Rex, Vito

NPCs met: Mayor Tuttleford; a communist zombie; many citizens in danger

XP / DP / Citizenship awarded: XP- 1 point for minimal participation (character showed up); 2 points for full participation (character participated fully in session); 3 points extra participation (character participated in an extra meaningful way). Banked XP awarded: 1 point to - Rex (sports), Mere (driving), Chow (doctor), Gloria (doctor) for using those skills in spiffy ways during session. 1 point XP was awarded to anyone who wrote a character journal detailing their reaction to founder's day. DP awarded to those who had a Dramatic Moment (1 point). One point of Citizenship given to each character who was seen defending the town (this is in addition to the 1 point all characters who attended Founder's Day received).

Summary: Founder's Day part two came to a conclusion when the pc's defeated the zomunist invaders. Some of those undead looked familiar - gas station attendants and local farmers. They were unarmed - but what about their shotgun wielding commander? He was wearing a Soviet uniform and shouting orders in Russian-- and he got away.

New Plot Points:
Who was that commanding zombie shooting and shouting orders in Russian? Where did he go?

Injured survivors of the attack were taken to the hospital and treated. Are any of them infected?

The town is now under a state of emergency. Those attempting to leave the town via the north or south highways will be turned away by National Guardsmen.

The mayor is urging everyone to prepare their private shelters and follow their civil defense coordinators in organizing their town shelters and defense plan.

Next Live Session: Wednesday March 6th at 7pm EST.
LOG: Read the log at http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-20130206.txt

Players in Attendance: L (GM) , Aus, Carla, Gen, Jess, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance:Alex, Elene, Fred, Georgio, Gloria, Janie, Joseph, Katie, Maxine, Monty, Nica, Rex, Quen, Vito

NPCs Met: Gordon Seth, proprietor of Seth Arms and his son, Bobby. Misty, the sunshine dairy milkmaid. 'Abe Lincoln, the mascot of Grand Union.

XP/DP/Citizenship Awarded: Everyone who attended receives one citizenship point. Anyone who entered the marksmanship contest receives 1 XP banked toward Gun-Fu. Anyone who entered the pie eating contest receives 1 XP banked toward constitution. Please mark your character sheets accordingly. Also remember if your character attended Janie's society post, you earned a citizenship point from that. These points will come in handy next live session, so please remember to mark them on your sheet.

Summary: Founder's Day is a fun time for all the townsfolk. Characters explored the various booths - some picking up pamphlets from the People of Decency table warning against the dangers of comic books, drugs, and that rock and roll music.

A marksmanship contest took place with winners receiving trophies and coupons for discount weaponry from Seth Arms. During the contest, Vito showed the soviet bullet to Gordon Seth and asked if he sold them in his shop. Seth said that he and the other shop in town only sold American makes, but suggested it might have been brought back from the war and shot off by some hobbyist.

The pie eating contest was a lot of fun, though it resulted in some achy tummies. Mayor Tuttleford took the stage, about to make his annual Founder's Day speech. Everyone is ready to listen.

New Plot Points:
The soviet bullet found in the shot up gas station was not purchased in town. Where did it come from?

There is a second gun shop in town, in the Redview Mall.

The People of Decency are against comics, rock and roll, and other unwholesome activities.

Next Live Session:
Next live session will be held Wednesday, Feb 13 at 7pm EST. This will be a continuation of Founder's Day. Please attend if at all possible- we will need all the help we can get as something BIG is about to happen! If you haven't finished up your sheet yet and need some assistance, please drop in sometime before Wed and we'll give you a hand. Likewise, if you need to go over the basics of how to do combat and use the bot, drop in if you have time and we'll get you squared away.

There are a few special maneuvers characters can try, and we've put them up on the website here: http://labarc.com/CharLoft/wiki/doku.php?id=worlds:pleasantdale:maneuvers . These involve recruiting NPCs to help you, and will be very useful during the next live session.
LOG: Read the log at - http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-20130123.txt

Players in Attendance: L (gm) , Aus, Dien, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance: Chow, Elene, Katie, Janie, Lynn, Nica, Monty, Quen, Rex, Vito

NPCs Met: A fuzzity white cat, sole survivor of the attack on Ray's Sunoco.

XP/DP awarded: DP awarded to Janie, Chow, Vito, Katie for plot actions (and making the GM laugh ;) ).

Summary: The group meets up at Chow's and decides to examine the closed road. Though the reason stated for the road outage is 'bridge out', they find a glass lined pothole and caltrops in the road. A sign reads "Authorized Personel Only" and a federal government car is spotted going down the road. They decide the best course of action is to leave, quickly. On the way home they stop at a gas station just off the interstate thinking that maybe someone there has seen something. The station is deserted and shows signs of a struggle. Only bloodstains remain to show what might have happened to the human inhabitants. In a hole in the station's wall, Vito discovers a bullet. Mr. Chow identifies it as soviet made. The group discusses whether they should get the heck out of town while they still can, or stay and fight to protect their town from whatever might be going down.

New Plot Points:
There is federal government involvement somewhere in all this strageness. To what extent, and why?

What happened to the folks at the Sunoco?

A soviet bullet was found in the Sunoco wall. Who shot it? Are there commies in town, or was it purchased at the Seth Arms weapon sale?

Mr. Chow has a new cat! Is it rabid?

Who will stick around, and who will fleeeee?

Next Live Session:
A Non-GMed session will take place Wednesday Jan 30th at 7pm. This will be an opportunity for players to get together, talk about the plot so far, set up what actions their characters might want to take next, find people they want to post with, and mingle! Come hang out with us and make some connections. This is a great opporunity for people who haven't jumped in yet to come in and make some connections that'll help them get into the game.

The next GMed sessions will be the first two weeks in Febuary. It's a two-parter Founder's Day special! The first part It's All Fun And Games... will be enjoying some of the activities of the day - playing games, eating good food, dancing etc - and will be an opporuntiy for characters to get some experience in using the dice bot. There will also be some DP and XP awarded to anyone who attends-- which characters will need for part two -- Until Someone Loses an Eye which will be a combat type session! Please try to make both of these if you can.
Players in attendance: L (gm), Aus, Carla, Dien, Jess, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in attendance: Chow, Eric, Gloria, Janie, Joseph, Nica, Maxine, Monty, Rex, Vito

XP/ DP awarded: 1 XP to all characters in attendance for surviving their fight with the hunter. 1 DP to Gloria, Chow, and Vito for working with camp scenery. Please mark it on your sheet accordingly.

NPCs met: Stu Henderson, a (rabid?) hunter

Summary: The possum taken from Fred's was examined at the university lab. Gloria determined that there is not enough left of the corpse to provide a good sample, and a new creature must be trapped. The group headed to the Pleasant Pines campground, near where the original possum was captured. They set up a trap by a dumpster, but then encountered what seemed to be a rabid human- a hunter. He lunged at the group and was subdued and examined. During the examination, he was found to have no heartbeat. Yet-- he sprung back up again. When he was shot in the head, he ceased moving. The group was understandably shaken and wondering what it was they just saw. They debated calling the police, vs how they would explain the mangled corpse of the hunter. In the end, the hunter's corpse was brought to the university lab for further study.

New Plot Points: The hunter's name (found on his license) is Stu Henderson. What happened to him? How did he wind up in the woods in such a state? What secrets can be learned from examining his corpse in the university lab?

The incubation rate of rabies varies. The taxidermist, Fred, should be spit tested to see if he has contracted the disease from his contact with the infected possum.

NEXT LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, January 23rd 7pm EST - hope to see you there!

----- OOC -----

GM: Would someone care to give a recap of The Story So Far?

(Jim) {Recap: There has been at least open notable case of rabies in the area recently and residents were advised to get their pets vaccinated. At the vet's office, several men were overheard discussing a possum who had not only been aggressive, but had seemingly come back from the dead to attack the local taxidermist. Several local residents left to speak with the taxidermist in hopes of learning more or taking faster action than the Garden State's health department.}

GM: And so, we open this week's live session at the university science lab where that dead possum will be examined.

(Carla) Should I describe the lab?

GM: That would be wonderful! Please do.

(Carla) The lab Gloria works in at the University specializes in advancements in medical diagnosis and improvements of hospital conditions, particularly for post op and long term patients. She works with several varieties of animals including mice,rats, rabbits and even a couple monkeys. One of her duties is to care for these animals. The lab is set up with several metal dissection tables, medical and chemistry equipment, including commonly used hospital equipment. Those that are going to the lab will find Gloria there feeding the animals for the afternoon as well as checking on an experiment involving localized infections around deep suturing.

IC log under cut )
Players in attendance: L (GM) , Aus, Nikki, Jim, Zander, Dien, Nate

Characters in attendance: Chow (with cat Me-me), Monty (with dog Butch), Eric (with dog Webley), Janie, Vito (with dog Killer), Nica, Lynn (with dog Lucy), Rex (with neighbor's dog Queenie), Maxine (with cat Ozzie)

NPCs met: Mrs. Alvison, a snotty society lady and her persian cat Miss Prissy; Dr. Jones, town vet; Earl, a hunting buddy of Fred's; unamed family, receptionist, and a second hunter.

Summary: Characters attend a rabies vaccination clinic at Pleasant Pastures Veterinary Clinic and learn about a strange possum that Fred the local taxidermist encountered. Some of the characters plan to visit Fred's house to get a sample of the creature for testing at the university lab to see if it is rabid. (Players set up a thread to that effect here - others are welcome to join in).

New Plot Points: A (possibly) rabid possum corpse can be found at Fred's taxidermy shop. Samples are usually sent out to a state lab for testing.

NEXT LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, January 16th at 7 pm EST . Hope to see you there!

------------- OOC ----------

GM: I would like to call your attention to a post here if you haven't seen it-- http://pleasantdale.dreamwidth.org/1613.html
A little bit of game housekeeping- folks that have made a post to the holiday post got a dp
a bit of news as to an upcoming founder's day event in town and three rumors

The part that concerns us right now are the rumors-- they are:
1. The wife of Chester Wilson was spotted wearing Captain Mystery's trademark cape at the Silver Skies drive-in during a holiday show there. Could it be that while Chester cleans up in the Fuller Brush market, Kattherine has been swept off her feet as the Captain's latest conquest?

2. Local UFO enthusiasts have been keeping their eyes to the skies after a strange flash of light was spotted late one night by some teenagers out past curfew on Pleasantdale Ridge. Since no air sirens followed the flash, that meant it wasn't a commie invasion -- which can mean only one thing. Aliens!

3. Is rabies on the rise? The Pleasant Pastures Veterinary Clinic seems to think so. They're having an upcoming event to get your cats and dogs vaccinated and have been placing posters to that effect all over town.

I thought perhaps we could choose a rumor that characters might like to start poking into and that would be a good start. So... talk amongst yourselfs, figure out what we'd like to start off with.

* Monty is definetly headed to the vet then for Butch. Yep yep yep

* Janie-PL is worried about aliens

* Eric's probably going to make sure Webley's got his shots; Fred, on the other hand, is going to be wondering whether they've got to watch out for little green men as well as big red ones. Whereas Katie just has 'hmph' to say regarding 'sweeping' and 'feet'.

*Rex might be looking into changing his paper route with one of the other fellows, just for a little while. The Wilsons aren't on his route, but a rumor like that has promise.

* [Nica]: Aliens! [Vito]: Rabies!

* Chow doesn't care about who is sleeping with who, and he doesn't much care about aliens, but eh does have a cat so his vote would also be rabies.

GM: So perhaps we can get folks to be at the clinic with their respective animals and that would be a good place to start.

IC game play under this cut! )

The wife of Chester Wilson was spotted wearing Captain Mystery's trademark cape at the Silver Skies drive-in during a holiday show there. Could it be that while Chester cleans up in the Fuller Brush market, Kattherine has been swept off her feet as the Captain's latest conquest?

Local UFO enthusiasts have been keeping their eyes to the skies after a strange flash of light was spotted late one night by some teenagers out past curfew on Pleasantdale Ridge. Since no air sirens followed the flash, that meant it wasn't a commie invasion -- which can mean only one thing. Aliens!

Is rabies on the rise? The Pleasant Pastures Veterinary Clinic seems to think so. They're having an upcoming event to get your cats and dogs vaccinated and have been placing posters to that effect all over town.

The Annual Pleasantdale Founders Day Gala is nearly at hand! Expect speeches from Mayor Tuttleford, a skit from the Cub Scout troop, and raffles from several local clubs. There's also a band, and more free food than you can stake a stick at. It promises to be a fun time for all in attendance.

The following characters have been awarded 1 DP for their participation in the holiday post. Please mark it on your character's sheet accordingly.


Pursue a RUMOR in a post, or live session and you never know what you might find out. There may also be some XP/DP awards for those successfullly investigated.

Folks are welcome to start scene posts in the community. The time frame is 'early winter' - post a holiday or new year thread, or just something your character is up to that others might want to be involved in. Each post is considered a separate time space, so you can participate in more than one at once as long as they're not at the exact same time. (No, you can't be two places at midnight on New Year's Eve, say. But you can be in two posts that take place in 'early January'.)

Live chat sessions are currently scheduled weekly on Wednedays, starting this Wednesday Jan 9th. They will start at 7 pm and run until about midnight in the EST time zone. Please convert your time accordingly. Chat can be accessed via server irc.darkmyst.org (rooms - #the_loft for OOC talk and #pleasantdale for gameplay) using your favorite chat client (mIRC, chatzilla, trillian, mibbit, etc). You can also use our handy chat applet at http://www.labarc.com/Charloft/ .

If you need help getting your character sheeted, or with any other step of gameplay, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Best way is to make a post or send a message via the game facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/pleasantdalerpg/ , or by dropping into chat.


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