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Pleasantdale RPG

A 1950s Commie Zombie Retro Blast

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Name:Pleasantdale RPG
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Community description:Pleasantdale RPG - A 1950s Zombie RPG

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Welcome to Pleasantdale - A Pleasant Family Community

In the 1950s, in a pleasant little town in a pleasant little state in a pleasant little country, something sinister is lurking. The Red Menace! Communists may be in your community, hiding behind those white picket fences and shuttered windows of such normal looking houses. They could be anywhere.

Fortunately, you are prepared. Children in schools learn that all important skill – Duck and Cover. That will save you from any danger. There is a bomb shelter on practically every corner – and surely Dad's hard at work at one in your own backyard. If Atomic fallout should occur, you'll duck-and-cover with the best of them … won't you?

But what if the commies have something other than the bomb up their insidious red sleeves? What if they're using that atomic energy to … REANIMATE THE DEAD! Surely that's just fantasy – the stuff of those B-movies at the Drive-In, or an episode of Captain Mystery's Strange Theater on televison.

Still… you can never be too careful. The red undead could be coming for YOU.

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