Who: OTA!
Where: The Keller house (A large Victorian House)
When: Evening

Janie wasn't surprised when Phillip asked her to do something in addition to her list of things to do regarding the campground incident, including helping in the lab, getting set up for shooting lessons, and getting supplies. He wanted to throw a dinner party for something he'd done at work. He asked that she hire a catering service and send out invitations.

After getting more information from him, she discovered that his company had discovered a way to make cheaper transitior radios. They would sell for $29.95, and the company was certain that would increase sales.

She thought the party was nice, but knew that part of it was to alleviate some of the mystery of the place. Phillip's family had once been rich and well-known, but over the years they had begun to fade into obscurity. When Phillip's pretty wife died sixteen years ago, he closed off the mansion and was rarely seen until several months ago.

Hours that could have been spent learning how to kill things, or studying so she could understand more science were spent cleaning, closing drafts, and giving out invitations. She was sure to give Mr.Chow one, since she was rather fond of the grumpy old man, almost begging that he come to the party. There was the bridge club, because they were her best friends, and all of the high society people, since Phillip insisted on it. She also invited Gloria and the people she'd seen around Rev.Templeton's church. Lynn was instructed(against Phillip's wishes) to invite as many friends as possible.

She was told not to invite anyone from the Texaco, so of course, she did. It would be a lively party, and she hoped to get her friends alone for at least a few minutes to talk about things.
Gloria had been busy for days with the body and her research. She had felt cooped up which was rare for her since she loved being in the lab. It had been the snow that had fallen during the day, if she had to pick a reason for wanting out so much. The campus looked so pretty with the snow freshly fallen but the clean sidewalks. She was out in a grey coat, red dress and matching red beret and scarf. She carried a black bag with the research she had been looking over for the day.

It was glorious out as far as she was concerned with a light snow still falling. She was singing quietly to herself as she walked out from the main lab and science building to head across campus.
LOG: Read the log at - http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-20130123.txt

Players in Attendance: L (gm) , Aus, Dien, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance: Chow, Elene, Katie, Janie, Lynn, Nica, Monty, Quen, Rex, Vito

NPCs Met: A fuzzity white cat, sole survivor of the attack on Ray's Sunoco.

XP/DP awarded: DP awarded to Janie, Chow, Vito, Katie for plot actions (and making the GM laugh ;) ).

Summary: The group meets up at Chow's and decides to examine the closed road. Though the reason stated for the road outage is 'bridge out', they find a glass lined pothole and caltrops in the road. A sign reads "Authorized Personel Only" and a federal government car is spotted going down the road. They decide the best course of action is to leave, quickly. On the way home they stop at a gas station just off the interstate thinking that maybe someone there has seen something. The station is deserted and shows signs of a struggle. Only bloodstains remain to show what might have happened to the human inhabitants. In a hole in the station's wall, Vito discovers a bullet. Mr. Chow identifies it as soviet made. The group discusses whether they should get the heck out of town while they still can, or stay and fight to protect their town from whatever might be going down.

New Plot Points:
There is federal government involvement somewhere in all this strageness. To what extent, and why?

What happened to the folks at the Sunoco?

A soviet bullet was found in the Sunoco wall. Who shot it? Are there commies in town, or was it purchased at the Seth Arms weapon sale?

Mr. Chow has a new cat! Is it rabid?

Who will stick around, and who will fleeeee?

Next Live Session:
A Non-GMed session will take place Wednesday Jan 30th at 7pm. This will be an opportunity for players to get together, talk about the plot so far, set up what actions their characters might want to take next, find people they want to post with, and mingle! Come hang out with us and make some connections. This is a great opporunity for people who haven't jumped in yet to come in and make some connections that'll help them get into the game.

The next GMed sessions will be the first two weeks in Febuary. It's a two-parter Founder's Day special! The first part It's All Fun And Games... will be enjoying some of the activities of the day - playing games, eating good food, dancing etc - and will be an opporuntiy for characters to get some experience in using the dice bot. There will also be some DP and XP awarded to anyone who attends-- which characters will need for part two -- Until Someone Loses an Eye which will be a combat type session! Please try to make both of these if you can.
To all appearances, Katherine Wilson was the picture of domestic tranquility in a blue gingham dress, setting the table for the weekly Bridge Club meeting. Chester had gone out to conduct business, taking the car with him, and as usual, Katie was left alone with her thoughts while waiting for everyone to arrive. The pickle jar full of 'Liberty Lemonade' was already set up on the table, as were the cards, but truthfully, she was in no mood to even pretend at playing cards today. She was, truth be told, deeply frightened.

She'd tried to suggest to Chester that maybe they should consider taking a romantic trip out, of course, and of course he'd refused - almost scoffed at the idea. Katie didn't know much about what was going on, but she knew that scenes like the road north of town and the gas station were the sorts of things one usually only sees in gangster movies, and combined with the stories her friends had told of the strange hunter in the woods... well...

She paced the living room, too worried to clean, and waited for people to arrive.
WHO: Vito and Janie
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WHERE: Texaco station

Vito kept up his smile for the customers, but they were far and few between today which gave him ample time to brood in the office.

He didn't like brooding in his office, but it seemed that the entire staff of Ray's Sunoco, a little further up the highway, had been massacred by Soviets, the FBI was watching traffic out of Pleasantdale, and Janie had almost ... what ... walked to New York the other night?

It was a lot to handle, and he still wasn't sure what it all meant. He knew it meant that he needed more guns, and more hands to hold onto more guns. That Rex character who was going after Nica ... he seemed eager enough to learn. Vito would have though twice about bringing the kid into the Family business, but this ... ? This was something altogether different.

The bell dinged as a car pulled up out front, and Vito looked up to see the Studebaker he'd sold to Janie, rolling to a stop just outside the door.
WHO: Nica and Rex
WHEN: The day after a fateful trip up the highway ...
WHERE: Beginning at the Texaco station

Nica actually had to work up the nerve to call Rex, the next day. Her head was still full of all the weirdness that had transpired in the past few days and it was always good to have someone to talk to about it all. There was Lynn, and there was Georgio, and there was even Vito if he was a little relaxed and not trying so hard to be a grownup, but now ... there was Rex.

Rex wasn't the kind of person Nica usually hung around with, and she was wondering how he was taking it ... all the weird that Pleasantdale was doling out just lately. He did seem interested enough to learn how to shoot, though, and she suspected that having friends who knew how to shoot would be a very, very good thing.

So she procrastinated, filed her nails, made coffee, had two cigarettes, listened to a Buck Rogers episode and finally sat down and dialed the phone.

"Hey," she said, when Rex was on the line, "it's Nica. Want to go shoot things?"
(doot doot doot tone - think Cialis type theme or similar)

Randy: Good morning, Pleasantdale! This is Randal “Randy” Johnson.

Annie: And I’m Annabelle “Annie” Mitchell. We hope you’re having a Pleasant day!

Randy: Today’s top news story is a transportation mishap. The on-road leading to the interstate north to New York City is temporarily closed due to a bridge collapse. Mayor Tuttleford has vowed to get the bridge back in working order as soon as possible. He is working closely with the New Jersey Department of Transportation to make this happen - but for now, those heading to the big city will need to take the detour along the southern interstate to get to their destination.

Annie: Due to traffic and route, this can add up to an hour to your commute time - so be sure to leave early to get to your destination on time. Now let’s talk about that mysterious bright flash that had a lot of people worried last week. Rumors were flying - everything from Communist invasion to alien attack.

(Both Laugh)

More news under here! )
Players in attendance: L (gm), Aus, Carla, Dien, Jess, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in attendance: Chow, Eric, Gloria, Janie, Joseph, Nica, Maxine, Monty, Rex, Vito

XP/ DP awarded: 1 XP to all characters in attendance for surviving their fight with the hunter. 1 DP to Gloria, Chow, and Vito for working with camp scenery. Please mark it on your sheet accordingly.

NPCs met: Stu Henderson, a (rabid?) hunter

Summary: The possum taken from Fred's was examined at the university lab. Gloria determined that there is not enough left of the corpse to provide a good sample, and a new creature must be trapped. The group headed to the Pleasant Pines campground, near where the original possum was captured. They set up a trap by a dumpster, but then encountered what seemed to be a rabid human- a hunter. He lunged at the group and was subdued and examined. During the examination, he was found to have no heartbeat. Yet-- he sprung back up again. When he was shot in the head, he ceased moving. The group was understandably shaken and wondering what it was they just saw. They debated calling the police, vs how they would explain the mangled corpse of the hunter. In the end, the hunter's corpse was brought to the university lab for further study.

New Plot Points: The hunter's name (found on his license) is Stu Henderson. What happened to him? How did he wind up in the woods in such a state? What secrets can be learned from examining his corpse in the university lab?

The incubation rate of rabies varies. The taxidermist, Fred, should be spit tested to see if he has contracted the disease from his contact with the infected possum.

NEXT LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, January 23rd 7pm EST - hope to see you there!

----- OOC -----

GM: Would someone care to give a recap of The Story So Far?

(Jim) {Recap: There has been at least open notable case of rabies in the area recently and residents were advised to get their pets vaccinated. At the vet's office, several men were overheard discussing a possum who had not only been aggressive, but had seemingly come back from the dead to attack the local taxidermist. Several local residents left to speak with the taxidermist in hopes of learning more or taking faster action than the Garden State's health department.}

GM: And so, we open this week's live session at the university science lab where that dead possum will be examined.

(Carla) Should I describe the lab?

GM: That would be wonderful! Please do.

(Carla) The lab Gloria works in at the University specializes in advancements in medical diagnosis and improvements of hospital conditions, particularly for post op and long term patients. She works with several varieties of animals including mice,rats, rabbits and even a couple monkeys. One of her duties is to care for these animals. The lab is set up with several metal dissection tables, medical and chemistry equipment, including commonly used hospital equipment. Those that are going to the lab will find Gloria there feeding the animals for the afternoon as well as checking on an experiment involving localized infections around deep suturing.

IC log under cut )
Who: Quen, open to all
Where: Chow's
What: Quen's looking for props.

Quen has found some interesting things at Chow's over the years. There's always some odd-or-end that makes a good prop for one of their shows. Nothing like an exotic import to set the mood for a set that's supposed to be a far off land. Today though, he's got a bit of an extra challenge. Due to the local hubbub about 'mysterious lights' being spotted, Captain Mystery's Strange Theater is doing an episode on alien life and flying saucers.

Albee'd gone off to the junkyard to pick up some scraps that could be made into a convincing flying saucer. And he'd left Quen in charge of picking up some 'alien' accessories to recreate what the interior of that ship might look like. So it was that Quen found himself here at Chow's, picking through all the exotic odds and ends, squinting at this-and-that as he tried to picture it as part of a set.

"Hmn... would aliens have dragons? Maybe with some doctoring, it could be a space wyrm..."
Who: Janie, OT anyone who was at the campground
When: Afternoon
Where: Fred's

Janie was fairly restless after the situation with Stu, and she felt she had to do something. She'd written everything down that she could, and from that made a to-do list. One thing on that list was talking to Fred again.

He'd been the one who gave them the bad specimen, which led them to going to the campground, so he should know what happened. She was also going to ask about the hunter, and if he had any idea who it could be, or if anyone was with him.

She called every phone number that she could and told them that she was going to Fred's to get the test, and tell him what happened. Phillip was annoyed that she had done even less housework than usual, but Janie brushed him off after arguing over the car.

"Here we go." she said, just as they neared the path to Fred's.
Who: Mere and Open
When: Friday, Lunch Time
Where: Pleasantdale High School, Lunch Room

It didn't take much to get Meredith Delany bored, and school did it easier than most things. All she really wanted to do was get away from the place and maybe work on some music with her dad, but instead she was stuck in school and hoped that the day would somehow speed up and end a lot faster than what it was doing now.

At least right now was lunch. She got her food from the cafeteria lady (god she hoped that she never got that big or greasy looking), heading out into the lunch room, skirt swishing across her hips. She was looking around for a place to sit, hopefully with friends. She was already dreadfully bored with the day, and something that would make it a heck of a lot worse was to be sitting alone.
WHO: Nicam tag Katie and whoever else might be around
WHEN: Thursday afternoon
WHERE: Katie and Chester's house

Nica spent her school day talking to Lynn about what had happened at the camping spot, and about the dead man who wasn't dead, and then wouldn't die. She didn't talk about it with anyone else; she hadn't seen Rex or she might have flirted with him again, poor guy. He was nice ... And there was Juice, but she would go see him later and give him all the gory details. Literally, gory details, complete with blood and ichor. She didn't know exactly what ichor was, but if anything she'd ever seen was ichorous, it was poor Stu.

Anyway, it crossed her mind that maybe not everyone she knew and liked in Pleasantdale had heard about what happened. So, on the way home, she stopped off at Katie and Chester's house, hoping that Katie was around. Books clutched firmly in her left hand, she knocked at the front door.
Gloria wasn't sure what to make of all of this. The body in the cold storage wrapped in chains, the people, the mysterious disease. She was pacing around the secondary lab where she had the body because she didn't want it around her animals and this lab had the storage. She was waiting and hated it. Waiting for her professor, waiting for the people who helped her grab this thing and watching the door to the cold storage warily. Even though it was a reinforced door that thing scared her. She would never show it but she was afraid and uncomfortable. There hadn't been any sounds from the other room so she assumed the body was still secure.
Players in attendance: L (GM) , Aus, Nikki, Jim, Zander, Dien, Nate

Characters in attendance: Chow (with cat Me-me), Monty (with dog Butch), Eric (with dog Webley), Janie, Vito (with dog Killer), Nica, Lynn (with dog Lucy), Rex (with neighbor's dog Queenie), Maxine (with cat Ozzie)

NPCs met: Mrs. Alvison, a snotty society lady and her persian cat Miss Prissy; Dr. Jones, town vet; Earl, a hunting buddy of Fred's; unamed family, receptionist, and a second hunter.

Summary: Characters attend a rabies vaccination clinic at Pleasant Pastures Veterinary Clinic and learn about a strange possum that Fred the local taxidermist encountered. Some of the characters plan to visit Fred's house to get a sample of the creature for testing at the university lab to see if it is rabid. (Players set up a thread to that effect here - others are welcome to join in).

New Plot Points: A (possibly) rabid possum corpse can be found at Fred's taxidermy shop. Samples are usually sent out to a state lab for testing.

NEXT LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, January 16th at 7 pm EST . Hope to see you there!

------------- OOC ----------

GM: I would like to call your attention to a post here if you haven't seen it-- http://pleasantdale.dreamwidth.org/1613.html
A little bit of game housekeeping- folks that have made a post to the holiday post got a dp
a bit of news as to an upcoming founder's day event in town and three rumors

The part that concerns us right now are the rumors-- they are:
1. The wife of Chester Wilson was spotted wearing Captain Mystery's trademark cape at the Silver Skies drive-in during a holiday show there. Could it be that while Chester cleans up in the Fuller Brush market, Kattherine has been swept off her feet as the Captain's latest conquest?

2. Local UFO enthusiasts have been keeping their eyes to the skies after a strange flash of light was spotted late one night by some teenagers out past curfew on Pleasantdale Ridge. Since no air sirens followed the flash, that meant it wasn't a commie invasion -- which can mean only one thing. Aliens!

3. Is rabies on the rise? The Pleasant Pastures Veterinary Clinic seems to think so. They're having an upcoming event to get your cats and dogs vaccinated and have been placing posters to that effect all over town.

I thought perhaps we could choose a rumor that characters might like to start poking into and that would be a good start. So... talk amongst yourselfs, figure out what we'd like to start off with.

* Monty is definetly headed to the vet then for Butch. Yep yep yep

* Janie-PL is worried about aliens

* Eric's probably going to make sure Webley's got his shots; Fred, on the other hand, is going to be wondering whether they've got to watch out for little green men as well as big red ones. Whereas Katie just has 'hmph' to say regarding 'sweeping' and 'feet'.

*Rex might be looking into changing his paper route with one of the other fellows, just for a little while. The Wilsons aren't on his route, but a rumor like that has promise.

* [Nica]: Aliens! [Vito]: Rabies!

* Chow doesn't care about who is sleeping with who, and he doesn't much care about aliens, but eh does have a cat so his vote would also be rabies.

GM: So perhaps we can get folks to be at the clinic with their respective animals and that would be a good place to start.

IC game play under this cut! )
time_goes_by: (pic#5183679)
([personal profile] time_goes_by Jan. 10th, 2013 10:15 pm)
Who: Janie, Open to anyone
What: Janie wants to follow up at Fred's
Where: Fred's

After making a few phone calls, Janie decided that it was time to go to Fred's, and see what he had to say about the 'rabies'. Part of her was curious about the animal, and another part of her wanted to see what a taxidermist's place looked like.

Sending a sample off to the college lab was really more for her than for anyone else, because she wanted to see what it looked like. She liked learning about as much as she could, and Phillip never worked with anything organic.

Now, she and the poor souls that she had convinced to come along, were near Fred's. They just needed to work out a plan before approaching the place. Janie did realize that Fred probably knew they were on their way (since people like him seem to always know those things), but chose not to say anything to anyone else.
WHO: Nica and whoever shows up
WHEN: Early January, afternoon
WHERE: Marchese's Body and Motor

Nica hadn't hit the best grades last semester, so Vito had insisted that she spend a little more time "being responsible." Said responsibilities revolved around three hours, every afternoon, at the cash register of the service station, dividing her time between alleged studying and ringing up whoever stopped in to buy a treat or a map. Vito was out at the pumps, in his coverall, to gas up any cars that happened to pull in; also, to keep an eye on Nica and ensure that she at least looked like she was studying.

She did have a book propped open, American History II, with a big flag and and eagle on the cover; inside the book was propped a Wonder Woman comic, though, and her bottle of Coke was currently getting more attention than her homework.

The wife of Chester Wilson was spotted wearing Captain Mystery's trademark cape at the Silver Skies drive-in during a holiday show there. Could it be that while Chester cleans up in the Fuller Brush market, Kattherine has been swept off her feet as the Captain's latest conquest?

Local UFO enthusiasts have been keeping their eyes to the skies after a strange flash of light was spotted late one night by some teenagers out past curfew on Pleasantdale Ridge. Since no air sirens followed the flash, that meant it wasn't a commie invasion -- which can mean only one thing. Aliens!

Is rabies on the rise? The Pleasant Pastures Veterinary Clinic seems to think so. They're having an upcoming event to get your cats and dogs vaccinated and have been placing posters to that effect all over town.

The Annual Pleasantdale Founders Day Gala is nearly at hand! Expect speeches from Mayor Tuttleford, a skit from the Cub Scout troop, and raffles from several local clubs. There's also a band, and more free food than you can stake a stick at. It promises to be a fun time for all in attendance.

The following characters have been awarded 1 DP for their participation in the holiday post. Please mark it on your character's sheet accordingly.


Pursue a RUMOR in a post, or live session and you never know what you might find out. There may also be some XP/DP awards for those successfullly investigated.

Folks are welcome to start scene posts in the community. The time frame is 'early winter' - post a holiday or new year thread, or just something your character is up to that others might want to be involved in. Each post is considered a separate time space, so you can participate in more than one at once as long as they're not at the exact same time. (No, you can't be two places at midnight on New Year's Eve, say. But you can be in two posts that take place in 'early January'.)

Live chat sessions are currently scheduled weekly on Wednedays, starting this Wednesday Jan 9th. They will start at 7 pm and run until about midnight in the EST time zone. Please convert your time accordingly. Chat can be accessed via server irc.darkmyst.org (rooms - #the_loft for OOC talk and #pleasantdale for gameplay) using your favorite chat client (mIRC, chatzilla, trillian, mibbit, etc). You can also use our handy chat applet at http://www.labarc.com/Charloft/ .

If you need help getting your character sheeted, or with any other step of gameplay, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Best way is to make a post or send a message via the game facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/pleasantdalerpg/ , or by dropping into chat.
Who: Maxine, open to all
Where: Marchese's Texaco
What: Maxine gets her car fixed

Maxine considered herself quite self-reliant, but there were times she had to admit that a professional was needed. She could change her own oil, but when the car started making knocks and pings it was time to bring it in for service.

The car hadn't been new when her and Joe bought it, but it was gently used. And they'd tried to keep it in good condition. After Joe died, Maxine had kept the ol' girl going on her own. She'd considered upgrading a time or two, but she couldn't bear to let go the car where her and Joe had gone for drives together and made plans for a future that would never come to pass.

She pulled into the lot of Marchese's Texaco ,the knocks and pings continuing a moment even after she turned off the key. "That can't be good," she said to herself as she got out of the car. She patted the car affectionately. "Don't worry, they'll get you fixed up ol' girl. They always do."

Maxine headed in to the service area, hoping that they weren't too busy to fix things today.
Join us for a Special Holiday Double Feature!

Santa Claus and Santa Claus vs the Martians will be shown all week at the Silver Skies Drive-In on Grant Boulevard in Pleasantdale. Pack up the kids in the car, or take your favorite date for some ho-ho-holiday movie fun!

Appearing nightly at the concession stand is the host of Captain Mystery's Strange Theater -- Captain Mystery! Captain Mystery and his friendly elves will be handing out Christmas prize packs to every boy and girl, young or young at heart, who visits. And be sure to tune in to the Captain Mystery Holiday Special this Saturday on your very own Pleasantdale station, PDTV!

Click to watch the movies and serials! )

OOC note: Here's an event to get us started! Reply to Captain Mystery's thread here , or start your own drive-in post and watch the movie with a few friends. Or mention seeing the double feature poster at some location elsewhere, or hearing it broadcast. Up to you! Characters who are sheeted who visit the drive-in(in a post of their own, or as a comment to an existing post) , or who mention the drive-in ad in their post, will receive 1 Drama Point!
Who: Captain Mystery, open to all
What: Meet Captain Mystery before the show!
Where: Silver Skies Drive-in

Quen'd heard the ad broadcast over and over for weeks, on local radio and PTDV. There were also posters posted everywhere from the Grand Union to Chow's Chinese Emporium. Now the first night of this grand town spectacle was finally here, and the Silver Skies drive-in was packed.

Here he was, dressed in his his full show regalia - captain's hat, swirly black cape and shiny wingtip shoes over his best dress clothes. As a concession to Christmas, he'd put a sprig of holly in his cap. The elves, local high school cheerleaders who were ga-ga over working with Captain Mystery, were doing more giggling and bouncing than actual work. Thus it was up to Captain Mystery himself to hand out the goody bags, with a smile and handshake to every man, woman and child who came up to get one.

"Greetings, and happy holidays!" Big smiles, shake the hand, listen to the person go on a while about the show or Christmas or the movies. Nod appropriately. Hand over the goodie bag. "Be sure to tune in this Saturday for the Captain Mystery holiday special now..."

Quen generally enjoyed interacting with the public, but between the giggling and squealing of the elves and the kids running around on sugar highs (damn Albee's idea of putting so many sweets in the goodie bags!), he was developing a bit of a headache. Still he smiled his bright showman's smile, and offered his hand to the next person in line.

"Greetings, friend. Merry Christmas!"


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