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Who: Janie, OTA who know about the secret lab
Where: University shelter
When: A couple of days after the Mertz Incident

Janie had worried about where to set up a secret lab, and was glad that Chester's suggestion seemed to be such a good idea. She got onto campus with no problem, and most of the people there were used to seeing her, since she spent time at the lab and the library, and well, anywhere where she could possibly learn something without angering the professors. Getting to the shelter wasn't a problem either.

The hidden and mostly forgotten room was a mess, however, and there was no way they could do any work in those conditions. Janie told everyone that she worked as a maid, but to be honest, she rarely worked. The house would stay messy until Phillip complained too much, or important company was over. Sometimes she burned meals, and she'd even refuse to cook if she had something else to do.

Today, Janie realized she'd actually have to work hard, but she didn't mind. The lab needed to get into shape, and she was the first one there. After plugging a record player into the wall, and starting a jazz album at a very low volume, she moved the few supplies that were down there, and dusted high surfaces, then worked her way down.

The soft sounds of jazz filled the room as Janie swept the floor. She grabbed the broom, and spun (as if she was dancing), then stopped when she realized that someone was coming in.
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Gloria had known Janie would be in cleaning. Though she had planned to be there earlier a meeting about the lab robbery had kept her later than she expected. She made her way down to the shelter without any problems. Papi was with her and she was carrying a bucket with some supplies.

She was glad to hear the music when she opened the door and came in.
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"Hello Janie." She was happy to see her but felt bad for startling her. "I don't mind. There are more records up in my office if you want to bring them down."

Gloria set Papi down on a table. He was sporting a little diaper today. "Judith is going to come down and help us when she is done with classes."


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