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Who: Lynn, OT any potential Candy Stripers
When: A couple of days after the hospital field trip
Where: ...The hospital.

A very excited Lynn stood outside of the hospital, holding a completed candy striper application in her hands. Her mother signed the application, and even said that Lynn was 15, which was the minimum age. (She wasn't 15,but swore not to tell anyone official. This was important work, after all)

She called her friends, and talked with them outside of school. Her friends that knew the truth about what was going on in town were all told about Operation Striper Spys (though the name was up for debate).

They would get as much info from the hospital as possible, all while acting as eager volunteers. If an emergency happened, the kids were to call an adult as soon as possible. Janie had written down a laundry list of rules (which Lynn had conveniently forgotten).

Lynn, who wore Nica's lipstick in an attempt to look older, waited outside of the hospital for anyone else who was going to show up.
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Mere was wearing a little bit of a pout when she walked up to the hospital in her candy stripeers uniform. She wasn't sure how she had been talked into this, but here she was, volunteering to work at a hospital. Why was she doing this again?

Well, at least she wouldn't be here alone. She stopped to check her make up in the reflection of a car window before finishing her walk up to the hospital, seeing Lynn hanging around the front. "I thought spy uniforms were usually more...interesting looking," she said to her, making sure that any others around them wouldn't be able to hear.
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Mere couldn't hold back the chuckle when Lynn said that. "I might," she admitted. Then again, spies were supposed to blend in, right? She really wasn't too sure.

"Yeah, I'm just glad that I'm not the only one here, either," she admitted. She might have been a little more freaked out if she was the only one doing this. "Do you know who else is coming?"


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