LOG: Read the log at - http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-20130320-Does-This-Look-Infected.txt

Characters in Attendance: Alice (NPC), Chow, Georgio, Janie, Jimmy (NPC), Katie, Lynn, Monty, Nica, Rex, Vito

Players in Attendance: L (GM), Aus, Dien, Jim, Nathan, Nikki, Zander

NPCs Met: Nurse Judy, Annie (Candy Striper), Willie (elderly volunteer), Ms. Lewis (lady treated by Gloria at Founder's Day)

XP / DP / Citizenship awarded: None (yet!) . Will be part of future XP/DP totaling.

Summary: Katie's plan is put into action! Disguised as a group of teachers and their students, characters make their way to Pleasant Valley hospital to check up on those injured during the Founder's Day attack. A question and answer session with Nurse Judy follows. When they find out that a man expired of his wounds this morning and was brought to the morgue, Chow heads down to the basement do what must be done - accompanied by half the group. Meanwhile, the other half of the group is brought to see the lady Gloria tended during Founder's Day. She is undergoing treatment and her arm is bandaged, but she looks quite healthy. Unfortunately, according to Nurse Judy, a man in the ICU is not so lucky. He might expire at any moment.

Down in the morgue, things are not so good. The group discovers the dead man has gotten back up again. He can't quite figure out how to open the door-- but when the group opens the door, he charges! Thanks to shots from Chow and Vito, he won't be getting back up again. Another body is found and dispatched similarly. The group hastily makes their way out, thankful that the loud laundry in the basement's other hallway has covered the sounds of the shots.

The group reunites and shares information. But what will be their next step?

New Plot Points:
The infected are being treated with wound cleaning, and doses of the antibiotic Chloramphenicol. It seems to work in at least some of the cases, but in others... not so much.

Several of the teens picked up applications to work as candy stripers. Having an inside person at the hospital could be a good thing...

Georgio, Katie, and Janie saw a suspicious orderly checking charts that seeed to have some color coding. Who is he, and what was he looking for?

The group found out from Nurse Judy that many people were treated and released on the day of the attack, and some refused treatement and weren't brought in to the hosptial. What became of them?

The shot bodies are being reported on the news as having 'exploded from decoposition'. Who covered up the gunshot wounds, and why?

Next Live Session:
"Shelter Skelter" will take place on Wednesday March 27th, at 7pm.

IMPORTANT - Live sessions during the month of April will have to take place on a night other than Wednesday as your GM is taking a four week painting class on Wednesday nights in April. So please let me know as soon as you can what alternate nights you would be available in the month of April.
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I am sort of hit or miss but I can make some Sunday afternoons/evenings. Thursdays might not be so bad either. (Didn't know where else to reply)


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