LOG: Read the log at http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-201303113-BobDamnit.txt

Players in Attendance: L (GM), Aus, Dien, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance: Chester (NPC), Chow, Elene, Eric, Fred, Katie, Lynn, Janie, Maxine, Monty, Nica, Rex, Vito

NPCs Met: Yulian Popovich , aka 'Russian Bob' (see sheet here)

XP / DP / Citizenship awarded: 1 DP to all characters present for reaching an important plot point. Please mark your sheet accordingly.

Summary: Two days after the Founder's Day disaster, characters are at Fred's shooting range for weapons practice. A stranger comes out of the woods, claiming to be a stranded New Yorker named Bob. Bob's story quickly fell apart when Vito confronted him and asked him for actual New York facts. Bob confessed to be a Russian who had been stationed in town with his group, spying on an American base located in the warehouse district. This is the first that anyone ever heard of there being a base in town. Russian Bob claims that Pleasantdale is an American government test town, and that is why his group was stationed here. Furthermore, he told a disturbing tale of the communist base being invaded by American soldiers who were dead-not-dead. Many in his group died, and some came back... not right. 'Bob' thought it was best to get the heck out of there, and had been surviving in the woods since.

Chester wanted to turn the commie over to authorities, but the group managed to convince him to keep Bob with them instead. Mr. Chow, who has experience with commie fighting after all, volunteered to take Bob to his house.

Katie hatched a plan to go to the hospital to find out about those injured on Founder's Day, under the guise of adults chaperoning high school kids to do a report on the tragedy. This angered Chester, primarily because it wasn't his idea, and just when did women start thinking anyhow?

New Plot Points:
How much truth is in what Russian Bob claims?

Did the zombie crisis really start with the American soldiers?

Is Pleasantdale a 'test town', and if so, what sort of experiment is the government running?

Next Live Session: "Does this Look Infected?" - Wednesday March 20th at 7pm EST
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