Where: Pleasantdale Players
When: Three days after the Founder's Day incident
Who: Katie, OT Quentin, Joseph

Katherine was reasonably hopeful that she'd be able to catch 'Captain Mystery' at the theater in his off hours. While most blushing schoolgirls had need of 'Captain Mystery' for reasons of the flesh, her interest in finding him, or that nice man Joseph she'd met at Founder's Day, was much less carnal and much more pragmatic. She needed someone who could identify a clever ruse or act from a display of honesty, and if anyone would know about putting on masks and hiding your true intentions, it would have to be an actor.

She and Chester were still angry at each other, and as such she came alone; considering what he'd said and done after she brought up the idea of investigating the hospital, she wasn't interested in being on the receiving end of his anger if she presented another idea in front of him that upstaged his need to feel clever. Besides, it was nice to dress up and feel pretty and not think about how bad things were right now.

Now, where to find them...
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Quen had come to the theater to visit Joseph. They'd been talking about getting some shooting practice in, and he'd come to see when his friend would like to go for that. Plus, truth be told, Quen rather enjoyed hanging around with Joseph no matter what the reason. Maybe it was just that he hadn't been able to get to his usual Gentleman's Club in New York for quite a while now, or maybe it was that they had a lot in common.

At any rate, he'd been sitting on the edge of the stage, talking to Joseph when he saw Katie come in. "Ah, if it isn't my favorite lady-- how are you, dear Katie? It's so good to see you."

A charming smile lit up his face as he hopped down and offered her his hand.
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Quen arched a brow-- that wasn't the kind of request he was used to getting. "Well, there are some giveaways of course-- shifty eyes, tone of voice, fidgeting..."

He'd played enough roles over the years that he'd become practiced in what made up a nervous or insincere personage.

"Has Chester been up to... something suspect?" he asks, figuring this might be a domestic matter.
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Joseph had hung back from the conversation a little bit, as Katherine had a look on her face saying that she needed information about something. When she mentioned that she was trying to find out how to tell if someone was lying to her, his interest was certainly piqued.

"Quen mentioned a lot of what you can look for: shifting eyes, fidgeting. Especially see if they will keep eye contact with you. If they won't or look away right after saying something, they are likely lying to you."
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"I'm still under contract for a show a week, come hell or high water or Commies," Quen said with a laugh. "Captain Mystery must go on. I feel a bit out of the loop though, having missed out on this-- who exactly are we worried about being a liar now?"

He's got the feeling that Katie came to see them for Important Business, not just some acting advice. "Do you want us to come and see said person, in person?"
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"Well, it does sound like it's something important," Joseph said to her quickly. "Attendance has been doing a little at the theater, but not anything really bad."It was something that could easily be blamed on the season rather than, well, communists or whatever those things at the Founder's Day function was.

"I'd be happy to come see him in person as well," Joseph added quickly.
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"I'm free now," Quen said. He didn't have to tape the show today - his plans had basically been to come over to the theater and hang out with Joseph.

He looked to his friend to see if he was likewise unoccupied. "Shall we go with Katie and see what this is all about?"
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Joseph nodded. "Yes, I can come, too. Let's go see this man and see if we can figure him out." Joseph was more than happy to help, and he couldn't help but just be plain curious as well.
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"We can take the Mystery Mobile," Quen said graciously, referring to his car that was parked outside the theater. He headed for the door, and held it open for his companions. "Lovely day for a drive, anyhow-- provided we don't run into any erm, less-than-living communists."

He was pretty sure they'd be safe driving across town, but it seemed a good qualifier to add.
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"Yes, let's hope that there aren't any less than living communists out on the road," Joseph said, making himself smile at the comment. It sounded ridiculous, but it seemed to be their life now, so he might as well get used to it, right?
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Quen waited until his friends were settled comfortably, then drove toward Chow's. "Now that we're certain it's just us hearing," he said, turning the radio off so they could all hear each other well, "Let's talk."

He inclined his head toward Katie, as much as he was able to while driving. "So who's this mystery fellow you want us to check out? What do we know about him? That'd be a good place to start if you want us to figure out whether he's a liar or not."
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"Even Communists have to get to work," Joseph said with a shrug to Katie. "Although I suspect that any cars they might have might just be 'lent' to them." It was sad that they really only had things like rumors to go on about what actually went on in the Soviet Union, wasn't it?

He looked at Katie when Quen turned the radio off so that he could listen well to what she had to say as well.


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