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Who: Janie, OT Bridge Club
Where: Katie's
When: Sometime after Founder's Day

One thing that confused Janie, was how normal life seemed to be. She thought everyone would be running around, preparing for the worst, and instead she was expected to do chores. That was a little abnormal since she only did chores when she wanted to, but it still seemed off to her.

Lynn was asking to go over Nica's, and Phillip was planning to go to a meeting outside of the city if traffic wasn't too bad. So Janie headed over to Katie's for Bridge Club. Well, more for the lemonade, but the company would be nice too.

She knocked on Katie's door, hoping that at least her friends would be sane, and making plans for whatever was next.
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Katherine answered the door, and smiled when she saw who was there - the smile was the same practiced bright smile she usually wore, that hadn't changed. "Hey, Janie -- come on in."

Behind her, however, something -had- changed -- Chester was actually at home, for one thing, and for another, he was actually reading (a civil defense manual, no less), and for a third, he actually didn't immediately make a disgruntled comment at the very presence of 'one of those bridge club girls'. In fact, when he did look up and respond, it was to say, "I got some extra literature for you girls, if you're interested in reading it."
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Chester offered over one of the pamphlets he had ("Six Steps to Survival"), fresh from the Federal Civil Defense Administration office. "I picked them up this morning, along with some other books and things, but they don't have a lot more available than literature. The man I spoke to said he was calling in resources in light of the state of emergency, but..."

Katie headed for the kitchen. "Can I get you some lemonade, Janie?"

Chester continued, almost to himself, "...he was about as helpful as a cashier at the supermarket if a rat emerged from under a shelf and bit you on the foot while you were waiting. 'Oh, that's a shame. So did you see our special on Cheerios today?'"
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"Well, Katherine says you girls have been focusing on your own little civil defense preparedness activities..." Chester set aside the book he'd been reading. "And civil defense is a vital part of the community. Especially now... especially now."

Katie brought out a glass of lemonade for Janie, and settled into a seat, folding her hands. "Obviously, getting the shelters stocked and the citizens armed and prepared is one important step that's been far overdue."
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Max pulled up to Katie's driveway, running a little late because she'd been down to the Grand Union picking up some supplies. She had two large grocery bags worth of things to contribute to their group shelter.

Ringing the bell while holding them proved to be a bit of a feat, but she managed, and waited for the Wilsons to answer.
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Katie answered the door with her usual smile. "Hey, Max, come on in..."

Chester glanced over and nodded, uncharacteristically polite. "Care for a pamphlet?"
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"Paphlet's good when I've got hands," Max said, coming inside to set down the groceries. "I brought some things for our shelter. Grand Union's having a Stock Up for Defense sale. You even get double green stamps this week."

It was good to see that commerce was surviving the zombie/commie invasion.
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Katherine grinned. "Save five books of stamps and get one of those flamethrowers like you see on the news reels from the war?"

Chester shook his head. "I did ask about flamethrowers, actually. The man laughed and said I was exaggerating when I mentioned the Commie folk walking around after being shot and still attacking people."
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Maxine frowned. "Yeah, they aren't taking it really serious at work, either. Seems like anyone who wasn't there to see it firsthand figures it can't possibly be as bad as those who were is making it out to be."

She took one of the pamphlets, and started to leaf through it.
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"Of course it's serious, there was a goddamned Communist with a rifle ordering townspeople around," Chester said, before taking a moment to calm himself. "And... making them strange."


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