Who: PCs surviving the Founder's Field Massacre
When: After the Founder's Day celebration came to an abrupt end
Where: Founder's Hall

"... where -is- the mayor?" Chester inquired, looking around with a slight air of concern. Between what had just happened and what Mr. Marchese had just told him and the realization that their town's state of civil defense readiness was definitely not equipped to handle this, Chester felt that something had to be done, and although it pained him to admit it, perhaps Katie had been right about wanting to start preparations. Now there were neighbors with trunks full of shotguns and Communists charging out of the woodwork and stories of government cleanups and Soviet shootings, and apparently more than one person was willing to vouch for what had originally sounded like a crazy excuse to take a holiday.

Well, sir, Chester Wilson wasn't about to stand for it. He spotted the Mayor through one of Founder Hall's windows, and strode for the building. If the neighborhood was going to hell and the Communists were on the doorstep, by God, he was going to do something.

He just wasn't entirely sure what, really.

For now, though, that something was 'speak to the Mayor.'

"Mayor Tuttleford! Mayor Tuttleford -- we've cleared out those damn Commie freaks," he called as he headed in. "What are we going to do to protect the town?"
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Vito took a very strong personal interest in what happened next, and wanted to know what the Mayor intended to do, if anything. He tagged along behind Chester, still holding his shotgun across his body and pointing down, on the off-chance that something nasty was lurking inside the building.

"If the police or sheriff need any help, I have a feeling there's a few people who'd volunteer right now," he added.
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Mayor Tuttleford held up a finger in the 'wait a moment' gesture, as he was on the phone, coordinating with the hospital to get some ambulances to come pick up the injured.

After assuring that they were on the way, he gave the two men his full attention. "Wilson! I need you to get the civil defense team organized. We need to get our shelters stocked, our emergency response sirens ready, and get the word out that the town is under martial law until further notice."

He needed to contact the television and radio stations, but first he turned his attention to the other man. "Marchese, right? You're the gas station owner-- good, good. Work with Wilson here- see who else you can round up. We need every able bodied man to get ready to defend his town against this communist menace."
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Janie, who was a little shocked at all that had come to pass, quietly walked into Founder's Hall, praying that everyone was still safe inside. When she realized that they were, she slipped into the restroom to gather her wits, and see if she could clean herself up at all.

The dress was silk, and all she succeeded in doing was to make it look worse. Finally, she stepped out, and looked around to see what was happening.

"Mr.Mayor. What can I do to help?"
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The mayor looked Janie over from head to toe.

"Take yourself and any children you may have home, miss. And get your menfolk to come volunteer to help Wilson and Marchese here.

Work on stocking up your home shelter if you haven't already."
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Janie laughed. She hadn't meant to, but after the battle outside, the mayor's words seemed ridiculous. And Vito was her 'menfolk', if she didn't count Phillip (but he'd gone home before any of the mayhem started).

"I'll get right on that, Mr.Mayor. Since I'm defenseless and all. I'm sure glad all these menfolk are around to save me in case anymore commies come biting. Unless it happens on my walk home. I sure hope you have a gun."
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"That's actually a good idea, Chester. Thank you. We should be alright, as long as we're together."

As long as they were together, Janie repeated to herself. That meant that she shouldn't try to leave town again with Lynn.


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