Who: PCs surviving the Founder's Field Massacre
When: After the Founder's Day celebration came to an abrupt end
Where: Founder's Field

"Chester, have you finished your bomb shelter?" Janie asked, catching Fred's attention as Chester - the fellow who was married to that nice church girl who always brought in good baked goods for the bake sale - replied, a bit unsteadily, "Well, the town one near us is-- no. It's still unsupplied. Erm."

"You should try to get supplies," she began. "I've got some stocked, but... Philip thought I was making up tales."

Fred cleared his throat. After what he'd just seen, he figured he might as well bring it up. "... I've got a place, if you folk need a place to hide. Ain't much to look at right now, but this ain't much a time to put carpet on the walls. It's got some food, some water, and enough ammunition to last till Judgment Day and then some. 'Course, anything you want to bring to help, or anything you might want to advise on the subject, would be good. I've just been stockin' based on what I read in the pamphlets."
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"The Russian have guns." Elene said, emerging from Founders Hall "At home, the man Davit take gun and shoot Soldier. The Soldier fell but not die, because he have special shirt under clothes. Do you have special shirts? They want to kill all of you. That's what they shout."
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"I do not know how to make" Elene said, sadly "I like it here and do not want the Russians to end this world. Do you have radio?"
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"Thanks for offering the use of your shelter, Fred-- it seems like it might be a good idea for us to have a place to coordinate from, considering."

Max eyed the rifle she was still carrying- one she barely knew how to use. "And perhaps we can use your range to get some practice in, because God knows it seems like we're going to need it."
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"Can you teach me?" asked Elene, after listening. "I have money. I saved to make a fancy dress, but gun is more important."
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"I've got to stop in there and pay Mr. Seth for this one," Maxine said, indicating the gun she'd grabbed for the fight.

"I think considering things, he'll be willing to give us a good price."

After a moment's thought, she added "Maybe even a group discount if we need to buy multiples."


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