WHO: Vito OT Janey and all
WHEN: Prior to the mayhem
WHERE: Seth Arms

Vito pulled up outside the gun shop and crushed out his cigarette in the ashtray.

"Okay," he said, "here's the deal; 12-gauge is very common, ammunition is cheap. We need to get several ... let's say ten guns ... and as much ammunition as we can fit in the trunk. We can come back for more tomorrow, if we don't clean him out, and I suspect we won't ... this place looks like it's probably really well stocked."
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"Ten?" asked Janie "I told you, thirty dollars is the most I can contribute right now. And I've got no idea what kind of gun to buy."
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"Alright. I still need gun lessons, and we'll probably use all the ammo before anything happens, seeing as I need practice. Lynn will need some practice too, but she'd better than me at using a gun.

I taught her a couple of years ago..."
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"I think they practice at your place some, and before I stopped her, Lynn would shoot at things in the woods."


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