LOG: Read the log at http://www.labarc.com/game-logs/Pleasantdale-20130206.txt

Players in Attendance: L (GM) , Aus, Carla, Gen, Jess, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance:Alex, Elene, Fred, Georgio, Gloria, Janie, Joseph, Katie, Maxine, Monty, Nica, Rex, Quen, Vito

NPCs Met: Gordon Seth, proprietor of Seth Arms and his son, Bobby. Misty, the sunshine dairy milkmaid. 'Abe Lincoln, the mascot of Grand Union.

XP/DP/Citizenship Awarded: Everyone who attended receives one citizenship point. Anyone who entered the marksmanship contest receives 1 XP banked toward Gun-Fu. Anyone who entered the pie eating contest receives 1 XP banked toward constitution. Please mark your character sheets accordingly. Also remember if your character attended Janie's society post, you earned a citizenship point from that. These points will come in handy next live session, so please remember to mark them on your sheet.

Summary: Founder's Day is a fun time for all the townsfolk. Characters explored the various booths - some picking up pamphlets from the People of Decency table warning against the dangers of comic books, drugs, and that rock and roll music.

A marksmanship contest took place with winners receiving trophies and coupons for discount weaponry from Seth Arms. During the contest, Vito showed the soviet bullet to Gordon Seth and asked if he sold them in his shop. Seth said that he and the other shop in town only sold American makes, but suggested it might have been brought back from the war and shot off by some hobbyist.

The pie eating contest was a lot of fun, though it resulted in some achy tummies. Mayor Tuttleford took the stage, about to make his annual Founder's Day speech. Everyone is ready to listen.

New Plot Points:
The soviet bullet found in the shot up gas station was not purchased in town. Where did it come from?

There is a second gun shop in town, in the Redview Mall.

The People of Decency are against comics, rock and roll, and other unwholesome activities.

Next Live Session:
Next live session will be held Wednesday, Feb 13 at 7pm EST. This will be a continuation of Founder's Day. Please attend if at all possible- we will need all the help we can get as something BIG is about to happen! If you haven't finished up your sheet yet and need some assistance, please drop in sometime before Wed and we'll give you a hand. Likewise, if you need to go over the basics of how to do combat and use the bot, drop in if you have time and we'll get you squared away.

There are a few special maneuvers characters can try, and we've put them up on the website here: http://labarc.com/CharLoft/wiki/doku.php?id=worlds:pleasantdale:maneuvers . These involve recruiting NPCs to help you, and will be very useful during the next live session.


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