[People have been keeping busy - and don't forget, even while the GM is out at painting classes, we're still here and playing at the same date every week, and sometimes more if folk are available.]

Supply and Demand - People discuss what they truly need versus what they want as things begin to get worse. At Chow's shop.

Civil Charity - Janie's employer holds a charity ball to help support the Civil Defense Organization. Warning: Contains skits.

Too Many Secrets - People meet up at Vito's to share pie and drinks... and eventually to talk about dark secrets perhaps best left unsaid.
Who: Chester, OT All
Where: Fred's Underground Shelter
When: Founder's Day + 6 Days

Chester was in a foul mood indeed. While it wasn't exactly true that Chester had a long-term plan for his life, there had been a point where he could have said life was going well. He had a good job doing something he liked, he had contacts in high society, and he could have anything he wanted. He was important, he was respected, and he was well-off.

But lately, it seemed to him that things were going sour. The town was locked down, but the National Guard didn't seem to be interested in doing anything to deal with the problem besides keeping everything - and everyone - inside. People were becoming infected with some sort of disease out of a horror movie that turned them into undead Communists. Townspeople were turning against each other. His wife was becoming harder to deal with. And he couldn't even go hang out with his corporate buddies or have some fun with the secretaries.

Now he was testing the generator in an underground shelter near the edge of town and trying to feel like he was still in control of things.