To all appearances, Katherine Wilson was the picture of domestic tranquility in a blue gingham dress, setting the table for the weekly Bridge Club meeting. Chester had gone out to conduct business, taking the car with him, and as usual, Katie was left alone with her thoughts while waiting for everyone to arrive. The pickle jar full of 'Liberty Lemonade' was already set up on the table, as were the cards, but truthfully, she was in no mood to even pretend at playing cards today. She was, truth be told, deeply frightened.

She'd tried to suggest to Chester that maybe they should consider taking a romantic trip out, of course, and of course he'd refused - almost scoffed at the idea. Katie didn't know much about what was going on, but she knew that scenes like the road north of town and the gas station were the sorts of things one usually only sees in gangster movies, and combined with the stories her friends had told of the strange hunter in the woods... well...

She paced the living room, too worried to clean, and waited for people to arrive.
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Players in Attendance: L (gm) , Aus, Dien, Jim, Nate, Nikki, Zander

Characters in Attendance: Chow, Elene, Katie, Janie, Lynn, Nica, Monty, Quen, Rex, Vito

NPCs Met: A fuzzity white cat, sole survivor of the attack on Ray's Sunoco.

XP/DP awarded: DP awarded to Janie, Chow, Vito, Katie for plot actions (and making the GM laugh ;) ).

Summary: The group meets up at Chow's and decides to examine the closed road. Though the reason stated for the road outage is 'bridge out', they find a glass lined pothole and caltrops in the road. A sign reads "Authorized Personel Only" and a federal government car is spotted going down the road. They decide the best course of action is to leave, quickly. On the way home they stop at a gas station just off the interstate thinking that maybe someone there has seen something. The station is deserted and shows signs of a struggle. Only bloodstains remain to show what might have happened to the human inhabitants. In a hole in the station's wall, Vito discovers a bullet. Mr. Chow identifies it as soviet made. The group discusses whether they should get the heck out of town while they still can, or stay and fight to protect their town from whatever might be going down.

New Plot Points:
There is federal government involvement somewhere in all this strageness. To what extent, and why?

What happened to the folks at the Sunoco?

A soviet bullet was found in the Sunoco wall. Who shot it? Are there commies in town, or was it purchased at the Seth Arms weapon sale?

Mr. Chow has a new cat! Is it rabid?

Who will stick around, and who will fleeeee?

Next Live Session:
A Non-GMed session will take place Wednesday Jan 30th at 7pm. This will be an opportunity for players to get together, talk about the plot so far, set up what actions their characters might want to take next, find people they want to post with, and mingle! Come hang out with us and make some connections. This is a great opporunity for people who haven't jumped in yet to come in and make some connections that'll help them get into the game.

The next GMed sessions will be the first two weeks in Febuary. It's a two-parter Founder's Day special! The first part It's All Fun And Games... will be enjoying some of the activities of the day - playing games, eating good food, dancing etc - and will be an opporuntiy for characters to get some experience in using the dice bot. There will also be some DP and XP awarded to anyone who attends-- which characters will need for part two -- Until Someone Loses an Eye which will be a combat type session! Please try to make both of these if you can.