(doot doot doot tone - think Cialis type theme or similar)

Randy: Good morning, Pleasantdale! This is Randal “Randy” Johnson.

Annie: And I’m Annabelle “Annie” Mitchell. We hope you’re having a Pleasant day!

Randy: Today’s top news story is a transportation mishap. The on-road leading to the interstate north to New York City is temporarily closed due to a bridge collapse. Mayor Tuttleford has vowed to get the bridge back in working order as soon as possible. He is working closely with the New Jersey Department of Transportation to make this happen - but for now, those heading to the big city will need to take the detour along the southern interstate to get to their destination.

Annie: Due to traffic and route, this can add up to an hour to your commute time - so be sure to leave early to get to your destination on time. Now let’s talk about that mysterious bright flash that had a lot of people worried last week. Rumors were flying - everything from Communist invasion to alien attack.

(Both Laugh)

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