Players in attendance: L (GM) , Aus, Nikki, Jim, Zander, Dien, Nate

Characters in attendance: Chow (with cat Me-me), Monty (with dog Butch), Eric (with dog Webley), Janie, Vito (with dog Killer), Nica, Lynn (with dog Lucy), Rex (with neighbor's dog Queenie), Maxine (with cat Ozzie)

NPCs met: Mrs. Alvison, a snotty society lady and her persian cat Miss Prissy; Dr. Jones, town vet; Earl, a hunting buddy of Fred's; unamed family, receptionist, and a second hunter.

Summary: Characters attend a rabies vaccination clinic at Pleasant Pastures Veterinary Clinic and learn about a strange possum that Fred the local taxidermist encountered. Some of the characters plan to visit Fred's house to get a sample of the creature for testing at the university lab to see if it is rabid. (Players set up a thread to that effect here - others are welcome to join in).

New Plot Points: A (possibly) rabid possum corpse can be found at Fred's taxidermy shop. Samples are usually sent out to a state lab for testing.

NEXT LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, January 16th at 7 pm EST . Hope to see you there!

------------- OOC ----------

GM: I would like to call your attention to a post here if you haven't seen it--
A little bit of game housekeeping- folks that have made a post to the holiday post got a dp
a bit of news as to an upcoming founder's day event in town and three rumors

The part that concerns us right now are the rumors-- they are:
1. The wife of Chester Wilson was spotted wearing Captain Mystery's trademark cape at the Silver Skies drive-in during a holiday show there. Could it be that while Chester cleans up in the Fuller Brush market, Kattherine has been swept off her feet as the Captain's latest conquest?

2. Local UFO enthusiasts have been keeping their eyes to the skies after a strange flash of light was spotted late one night by some teenagers out past curfew on Pleasantdale Ridge. Since no air sirens followed the flash, that meant it wasn't a commie invasion -- which can mean only one thing. Aliens!

3. Is rabies on the rise? The Pleasant Pastures Veterinary Clinic seems to think so. They're having an upcoming event to get your cats and dogs vaccinated and have been placing posters to that effect all over town.

I thought perhaps we could choose a rumor that characters might like to start poking into and that would be a good start. So... talk amongst yourselfs, figure out what we'd like to start off with.

* Monty is definetly headed to the vet then for Butch. Yep yep yep

* Janie-PL is worried about aliens

* Eric's probably going to make sure Webley's got his shots; Fred, on the other hand, is going to be wondering whether they've got to watch out for little green men as well as big red ones. Whereas Katie just has 'hmph' to say regarding 'sweeping' and 'feet'.

*Rex might be looking into changing his paper route with one of the other fellows, just for a little while. The Wilsons aren't on his route, but a rumor like that has promise.

* [Nica]: Aliens! [Vito]: Rabies!

* Chow doesn't care about who is sleeping with who, and he doesn't much care about aliens, but eh does have a cat so his vote would also be rabies.

GM: So perhaps we can get folks to be at the clinic with their respective animals and that would be a good place to start.

IC game play under this cut! )


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