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Who: Gloria, Mr. Mertz?, Anyone else who might show up.
When: A couple of days after Mr. Mertz has come into Gloria's care
Where: Extra room at Vito's Shop

Gloria had quickly fallen into a routine. She would wake, check on her patient then head off to the university. There she did all the normal things that were expected but also helped Janie clean the new lab site. After, she would return to care for Mr. Mertz before dinner and after then sleep. She stayed here in case she was needed, to watch vitals and any other reason she could make herself believe. Truth was, she didn't really want to be home in the apartment or at the lab. She felt like hiding and laying low for a few days. This was just as good of a place as any.

She had finished dinner early and sat in the chair near the bed where Mr. Mertz lay. He seemed to be sleeping for the moment. Settling in with Papi in her lap she picked up the book she had been reading, "The Modern Guide to Home Canning" produced by the National Pressure Cooker Company. After the recent theft of supplies she felt knowing how to pack food might be a good skill to become familiar with. She had also picked up several other books from the library on dry preserving and some other long term food storage techniques including the "Ball Home Canning and Freezing Methods" book which the librarian had assured her would include everything she would need to be a proficient canner.
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Vito stuck his head in the door and smiled at Gloria over her book. "Hey, looks like this place is shaping up. Everything all right back here? All the outlets work and everything?"
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"Very welcome, I'm just glad I had the space to offer. Someplace where nobody's gonna take off with your findings, hm?"
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"It's very shady territory we've gotten into, here," Vito said. "I have no idea how all of this is going to play out, but I've got your back, one-hundred percent. All of us do."
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"I know you will," Vito said. "You and Janie, you're going to find the keys to this whole situation and we'll look back on it someday and ... well, maybe not laugh. But we'll be around to look back, right?"


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